Posted by: rshalomw | May 12, 2012


President Obama sent shock waves from“sea to shining sea” when he announced his support of same sex marriage. Going against God’s ways are dangerous and detrimental.  Remember that one of the functions of Marriage is procreation.   The following article will present the facts.

The Problem with Same-Sex “Marriage”

by Krystle Weeks
May 10, 2012

There has been a lot of media coverage focusing on same-sex “marriage” recently.  With voters in North Carolina turning out overwhelmingly for traditional marriage and President Barack Obama declaring his support for same-sex “marriage,” there is no doubt that this issue will be at the forefront for the near future.  It is crucial to inform your friends and family about same-sex “marriage” and its dangers to the family by watching this documentary. “The Problem with Same-sex Marriage:  How It Will Affect You and Your Children” brings in marriage, family and homosexual experts to talk about what happens when marriage is redefined.  You can also order the documentary online.

Additionally, FRC has a variety of resources on the dangers of same-sex “marriage.”

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