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Our human nature leads us to focus on the “here and now”  and not on what happens in the end.  Walking this path is choosing to not walk in wisdom.  No person knows when their life will end, but it is wisdom to be prepared.

Proverbs 14:12  There is a way that seems right to a man [or woman], but in the end it leads to death. (NIV)   Bob Ayala wrote a song in 1985 titled “It’s My Dream” Bob is a blind Christian singer.  Here are the lyrics:

How many times did you hear God
Quietly walk among your thoughts
How many times you turned away when
Something inside you said you should pray
But you never needed anyone
I remember when you’d say-

It’s my dream, it’s my life
It’s my loss if I don’t  make it to paradise

You said the future is right now
take what you can get…all you know how
You were the captain of your soul
but now you lie shipwrecked in the cold
You never counted on this so soon
I remember when you said

So why don’t you leave me alone
cause it’s my dream.

Why did you wait–you waited far too long (Heb.2:3)
and now there is no second chance
to right where you went wrong (2 Cor. 6:2)

I see the hearse the limousine
the people in black the hills of green
You slipped from view without a sound
as gently they laid you in the ground
You never counted on this so soon
I remember when you said
So now you can be all alone
is this your dream
Copyright 1985 Creation Heart Music ASCAP

The following link gives you the reality of how Christians die in comparison to how atheists die.

Special Appendix  (CLICK THIS)
John Pawson, minister: “I know I am dying, but my deathbed is a bed of roses. I have no thorns planted upon my dying pillow. In Christ, heaven is already begun!

I do not hate atheists, love compels me to warn them of the path they have chosen without Jesus [Yeshua in Hebrew].

Shalom in Jesus [Yeshua in Hebrew]


  1. Good scripture Proverbs 14:12, one of my favorites.
    It easier to ignore death when you are young, with not an apparent care in the world. But as time passes by and we become increasingly aware of death we have to ponder the reality of a creator.

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