Believers in Jesus need to stay informed on how Satan is using Islam in America.  The following report came from The American Congress For Truth (an organization founded by a  Lebanese Christian who  seen how Islam destroyed southern Lebanon and sees the same tactics being used in Americia. Watch and pray.                      Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gaubatz: Islamic Manual in Falls Church, Virginia Calls on Muslims to Attack Olympians, Kill Priests and Nuns, Wage War on All Christians

Dave Gaubatz has posted a very disturbing discovery regarding a Jihad manual being sold at the Halalco Supermarket in Falls Church, Virginia. As Dave explains it on his Kids&Terrorism Blog:

“On 29 April 2008, I shopped at Halalco to verify the book is still available. It is located in the “Jihad” section of the bookstore. The manager ‘Tariq’ can show you the book and it is available for $12.95.

Following are some of the quotes:

1. “It is, in short, time to identify the enemy and declare the Jihad. Identify the enemy. Declare the Jihad. define its parameters. Indicate its opening statements. Delineate its outcome and indicate its end”.

2. “The enemy is not merely a personnel but a method, a deen, with its Temples, the banks; with its holy places, the Stock Exchanges of the world; and its false scriptures, the data banks of figures, these magical millions and billions that hold the world’s poor to ransom for the sake of a small elite of kafir power brokers, their core jewish, their allies the lawless Christians. It is with these the war must be waged”.

3. “He who equips a fighter in the way of Allah, or looks after a fighters family at home is as good as one who fought”.

4. “Priests in their churches, unlike recluse worshipping monks, should, of course be killed without any exception. Nuns along with Monks, deserve killing even more”.

5. “No one has yet contemplated the impact of one destroyed Stock Exchange or Central Bank Archive”.

6. “Not taking the jews and Christians as friends, not following their deen, not submitting to bid’a, neither its holidays (National Days, etc), nor in habits, not entering their places of worship, nor participating in their festivals-all this is vital in the prelude to the attack of a new Jihad.”

7. “Strike at the time least expected. It follows that one should also strike at the place not expected. By extension, in light of the current situation, one may strike at several centres all at the same time, thus causing havoc in the enemy and in their response”.

8. “One thing is certain-if the kuffar accept us and approve of us and claim they can live alongside us, then we have lost our Islam. The whole body-worshipping mushrik cult of Olympic fire worshipping sport is something unacceptable”.”



ACT for America
P.O. Box 6884
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
he same techniques happening in America)


  1. Okay I’ll say this as nicely as I can. You are racist and illiterate. You have no real evidence or sources that may be reliable and most of your ideas are based on assumptions. Well my friend I can assume that Christians are rapists because so many priests rape children. I can assume that you have 3 Gods because your evidence that God has 3 forms is not reliable and I can assume that Christianity has no basis or source because your holy book (The Bible) has been changed throughout history whereas the holy Quran hasn’t. So before you post total bullshit get your facts right and stop assuming incorrect information that has no reliable source.

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