I was born to a Jewish Father and a Polish Catholic Mother in the 1950′s. My parents agreed on raising me Catholic to bring peace to the family. Prejudice was alive and well on both sides of the family. Because of the History of the Church and the Jewish People, Jewish Family was aghast at the Marriage. On the Catholic side because of prejudice there were Catholic Family Members that were aghast.

You would have to know my parents and family members on the Catholic side to comprehend the love I was showered with. My parents always showered me with love, no matter what. I was really fertilized with love, and sadly, a lot of people never experienced this kind of love. It was unconditional love.

The Jesus I knew as a child shined through the Catholic Side of the family. I only met my Jewish grandmother one time, and I was sick that day because my Mom did not have very nice things to say about her, and I was filled with anxiety that day. My Jewish Grandmother showered me with love that day, and the anxiety vanished. My dear Mom did not comprehend what it would have been like to walk in her shoes. There would be tear stains on this, if it was something I sent you in a letter, because tears are flowing now. Beautifully, at the end of my Jewish Grandmother’s life, her and my Mom reconciled.

Be patient with me, the Tapestry is just beginning. As a little child, as was in awe of “God”, and loved to hear the stories about Jesus. The Catholic Church I attended was gigantic, and the smell of incense on “High Holy Days” was wonderful and enchanting. When I had my first communion I sincerely asked Jesus to come into my heart. It was a splendid day for me that day. Because we were never taught to read the Bible, I never grew spiritually.

A good part of my life was wasted because of this error. It was like having a shoot of a plant come up, and then have that shoot buried in layers of soil. It would not be until 1980 that the shoot was uncovered and watered with Living Waters. I gave my life to Jesus that day and it carried me through thick and thin times. I became a “Jesus Freak” and wanted everyone to know this love that I had found. I left the Catholic Church in 1987, when I learned the history of the Catholic Church and the Jewish people

I did street witnessing for a number of years. Yes, I was the person you tried to avoid on the streets. I was going to track you down and pester you until you accepted him in your heart. I was like zealousness on steroids.

There was a dramatic change in my life a few years ago when I learned the history of the Catholic Church and the Sabbath. When I learned it was the Catholic Church who changed the Sabbath, and then bragged that they did it , and said the whole Protestant World bows to their command, I became very angry and said this former Catholic is not bowing.. I stopped going to Church then, and started observing the Sabbath. I had started identifying myself as A Messianic Jew in 1997 due to a Church secretary reminding me that I was Jewish because of my Dad’s bloodline.

This Year brought about the most dramatic changes in my life. When I learned the Father and the Son’s true names, I was blown away. The first time I said the Father’s Name it was like love personified on the spot. At this point a battle ensued. I had heard so much about “Sacred Namers” , and the danger of that. I t was not until I started studying that I came to learn that the Name I uttered was His True Name.

I had heard so many negative things about the “LAW” that it blew me away when I learned that the word “LAW, was translated improperly. It means teaching and instruction. It is a loving Father;s teachings that provides a protective fence around His sheep. He does not want to see His sheep hurt, and His instructions are meant to protect us from that hurt.

At this part of my life all I could see was the ugliness of the Catholic and Christian parts of my life. I do not like people lying to me, and I was really hurt that it happened not once, but twice in my life. I was like thrilled on steroids that I had been delivered from the Catholic Church and the Christian Church. I unintentionally hurt a lot of people because of my zealousness to tell them this wonderland Truth.

I now know that all of this was a tapestry. All I could see was the messed up part of the back side of the tapestry of my past. Without the back side, the beauty that is on the side people see, would not be beautiful. I am thankful for this journey of my life because it has brought me to my destination.

You may be wondering what happened to the Jesus Freak the serious Christians would love. I am now an Aheyeh  Freak. I am also a True Torah (wrongly translated “LAW”) Freak. I was a Spirit Filled, tongue talking Christian from 1987 on.

My Dear readers you may not understand how I turned on the name “Jesus”. When I learned that their was no letter “J” in the alphabet until about 500 years ago, and that the letter “S” on end of his name is only there to signify it is a male deity, I was blown away again. My dear friends and readers. There is a counterfeit for every thing that is real. Unless you study history, you cannot distinguish between the counterfeit and the real. It may look and feel real, but you could be totally found to be foolish.

I no longer identify myself with Christianity, Judaism, or Messianic Judaism. I am a follower of Aheyeh and His Scriptures. I learned that the word “Bible” originated from a pagan deity. The Scriptures I study now, have no pagan names in them. You do not realize that you will not see the Lies in the so called Pagan Roman “New Testament”,   unless you understand the True Torah ( Not what is in your Scriptures). When I was a “Christian” even though I was on fire for Jesus, I would still get a little antsy when Services would last longer. Now, on Sabbath it is not unusual of spending 3 and a half hours or longer studying is Word and worshiping. Time is of no essence now, studying and fellowshiping.

From the beginning, there was to be NO KILLING.  No killing of Humans, or Animals.  Love for each other and His Creatures, was to be  taught to All Nations.  Just imagine what our World would be like, if everyone had been taught these Truths.  There would be World Peace and harmony among all.  Christianity, Judaism, Messianic Judaism, and Hebrew Roots , all justify killing, and therefore, all of them are Off Course.


It says in the Book of Proverbs: What is His Name, What is His Prophet’s Name?, tell me if you know. His Name is AHEYEH and His Prophet’s  Name is Yeshua. The majority of the World does not know His Name. His Name is set apart from every other name. Tell Him that you want to know the Truth about His Name. He will not disappoint you. Billions of people do not know, I pray you will not be one of them.


  1. I was raised Catholic, my mom being Catholic, my dad Lutheran. I completely left behind Catholicism as a teenager when I became aware of the false teachings that are mostly pagan and idolatry. I have searched through evangelical “Christianity” and have found that most do not discern between themselves and Catholicism. I would dearly love to find a Messianic Fellowship, but am dismayed to find there is as much complacency toward Catholic teachings as in the evangelical chuch, which makes me hesitant to join them. any thoughts????

  2. If I were you then to respond to your student question on 1 John 1:9, I will read John 20:23 where Christ gave the authority to forgive sins to His apostles. The apostles later passed the same authority to their successors, the bishops and later the authority to forgive sin was extended to the presbyters (this word evolved to priests). Granted that this so-called apostolic succession belongs to Catholic Tradition (with capital T) but Scripture also says Christ will be with the Church to end of age (Matthew 28:20) and that the Church is the foundation and pillar of truth (1 Tim 3:5).

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