Posted by: rshalomw | January 27, 2015


A friend pf mine wrote the following article.  It is HARD TRUTH for those whose hearing has not been turned off:

The Father vs. Idolatry.

The temple in Israel was where the presence of Abba reigned on this Earth. Because of the wickedness and waywardness of His children, He allowed His Enemies to destroy The Temple.

The only way to destroy Islam, is to destroy the Kaaba in Mecca. Every Muslim in The world should be so grateful that I am not a Pilot that has an F-16, because I would give my life to Destroy the Kaaba, and thereby, destroy Islam. They would then know that Allah has no power.

Abba is not into buildings, no matter what form they take. Mosques, Temples, Churches. He made HIS STATEMENT about BUILDINGS, when He allowed His Temple to be destroyed by the Roman Barbarians.

Outside of The Vatican the Kaaba in Mecca are the 2 Largest Idolatry Sites. Remember , it was the Vatican that created Islam. Both are WHORES.

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