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I have studied Islam for over 17 years. the recent killings in France call for a critical understanding of what Islam is all about.  Just because the majority of Muslims are not Terrorists, does not negate the fact that Islam is the Most Dangerous Belief System in the World.  Yes there are peaceful verses in the Qu’ran; but one has to understand why those verses exist.

When Muhammad was in Mecca he was of a small group and had very little power..those verses from Mecca are the ‘nice verses’  in the Qu’ran,  when he was trying to win converts.  When he moved to Medina, this is where him and his coverts grew powerful, and thus the violent verses are put in the Qu’ran.  The nice things that were said about people groups in the beginning,  are changed to violence and opposition.  Very few people know this, and thus do not understand what Islam is all about.

It is said by Muslim Scholars that the Qu’ran was written in perfect Arabic and can only be read in and Recited in Arabic.  What do the facts reveal about this statement?  There are Egyptian,Hebrew, Greek,Syrian, Akkadian, Ethiopian, and Persian words and phrases in the Qu’ran.  It is thus not Perfect Arabic.  Here is an axiom to reflect on.    If you were lied to about this, what else in the Qu’ran were you lied to about?

The Middle East Scholar, Canon Sell pointed out,

The number of foreign words is very great.  They are borrowed from many languages In the Mutawakki by Jalalu’s-Din as-Syuti one hundred and seven words are enumerated and commented on.  This valuable book has been translated by W.Y. Bell, Yale University.  The Arabic text is also given.  It incidentally shows how many ideas have been borrowed.   Edward , Studies in Islam , ibid., p. 226

The majority of Muslims in the World are illiterate and recite the Qu’ran in Arabic, with no understanding of what it means.  They are told by others what it means.  This is an extremely Dangerous practice.  When people are told:  you are not smart enough to understand something, so just trust us,  to tell you what it means.

Sheik Salah al-Lahadun, Saudi Psychologist said the following:   “Women who drive cars suffer from ovarian problems and ‘rolled up pelvises’   giving rise to congenitally defective babies.”

Hajatosalem Kazem Sedighi , Iranian Scholar said:  “Many women who do not dress modestly, lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity, and spread adultery in the society, which  INCREASES EARTHQUAKES”

There is so many more facts that can be enumerated on,  but if you really want to know the Truth about Islam, you will do your own research, and thus arrive at the same Truth I have learned.

Free Speech is squashed in Islam,  because if they knew the facts, they would abandon it   A friend of mine told me that Islam is an Ingenious Political System that keeps people in Poverty,  while the leaders amass their wealth.  He said the ingenious part of it is that instead of hating those who have stolen their wealth, they are taught to hate others.

There is so many more facts that can be enumerated, but if you really want to know the Truth about Islam, you will do your own research, and thus arrive to the same Truth I have learned.

Do you see now,  how Dangerous and Detrimental the Belief system of Islam is?

Stay Strong France.  If you loose Free Speech, you have lost everything, and will arrive at a Dictatorship!  Never Forget that there is NO FREE SPEECH IN ISLAM.

Lifting The Veil Of Islam:

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