Posted by: rshalomw | August 17, 2014


I found this  post on another site and was shocked by what it revealed.  You will be in the minority of minorities when you discover what this lie is.  Do yourself a big favor, and discover what this lie is.


You may be wondering ” how does this writer know what this lie is”? You may think, “does this person beleive he is so intellignet that he knows what the super majority of the world does not know”?

I do not consider myself special, or better than anyone else. I am one individual who will dig and serach until I find an answer. I have a hunger and thirst to know the Truth.

The Lie I am speaking of is so pervasive that Billion of people in the World believe it with all their heart. The are firmly convinced that they are absolutely right.

The symbol John saw is literally hidden in plain site as THE symbol for Jesus Christ in paintings, on mosaics that adorn cathedrals, on stain glass murals, on buildings and inscriptions the world over.

In many paintings, Jesus Christ is depicted as making the same cryptic hand gestures as seen below. This hand gesture is literally the symbol of the anti-Christ that John saw in Revelation… XS (depicted as XC as the Sigma was transliterated as a C in the middle ages).

We see in the images above that Jesus’ right hand forms an X by crossing his first two fingers and he forms the C for Sigma by curving his last two fingers making the C shape. This is the hand gesture of the False Messiah as he identifies himself in plain site making the XS symbol with his hands, the very symbol John used in Revelation 13…

In Eastern Christianity, the most widely used Christogram is a four-letter abbreviation, ΙϹΧϹ — a traditional abbreviation of the Greek words for “Jesus Christ” “ΙΗϹΟΥϹ ΧΡΙϹΤΟϹ” with the lunate sigma “Ϲ” common in medieval Greek which we today transliterate as an S. On icons, this Christogram may be split: “ΙϹ” on the left of the image and “ΧϹ” on the right, most often with a sideways S above the letters to indicating that it is a sacred name. Jesus Christ’s right hand is shown in a pose that represents the letters Χ, and Ϲ.


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