Posted by: rshalomw | February 8, 2014


Let me put right upfront that I love everyone.  This post is motivated by love, because I do not want to see one person shut out of His Kingdom.
You have the right to believe whatever you want, but their is only one Truth.  You may believe that Allah will take you to Paradise, but it will never happen.  You may think that your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds, but the Scales of Justice are determined on more that this.   Do you love The Creator and are you following  is ways.  You may be thinking, what are His Ways?

The Torah  (first five books of The Scriptures)  are His Ways.   The Sabbath is the Engagement Ring and The Torah is The Marriage Covenant.  If you do not have these  no matter how much you think you know Him, you do not.  You and Christians are in the same predicament, and both of you will not be allowed into His Kingdom.   Isa and Jesus are false names , and they are not His  Real Name .  Cry out to Yahuah to deliver you from your deception and bring you into His Kingdom.  His Torah is beautiful and their is no relationship without following it.  The Father’s Name is  Yahuah, and He manifested on this Earth as Yahusha ( Yah is Salvation)



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