Posted by: rshalomw | January 9, 2014


Before you want to stone me for the Title I picked, I ask you to hear me out.  I was a “Jesus Freak” for many years.  I worshiped,  adored, honored, respected, and esteemed that name.

I hope all my readers realize that Jesus was a Hebrew.  Most would say He was a Jew,  but the letter “J” is only about 400 years old.  The Word “Jew” did not exist when the Messiah walked this earth.

The “Jesus”  that Christianity created was not a Hebrew in any way, shape, or form.  This “Gentile” Jesus that they created did away with the Sabbath, the Torah, and the Feast Days appointed and established by the Creator.  This Jesus did away with the Dietary Laws that were established in The Scriptures.

The Anti-Christ will be a counterfeit of the Real Messiah.  If he did miracles like no one has ever seen before, Christians  and Jews will readily embrace Him.   If he appeared supernaturally  with piercings on his wrists and feet, Christians and Jews would believe he was the real Messiah.  If he was kind, loving ,gentle, and non-judgmental Christians and Jews would believe him.

Believe me, I know this information is hard to wrap your mind around and I totally understand, having once been in your shoes.  The Scriptures teach  that we have One Shepherd, The Messiah, and He will not share His Name with Anyone.  The Name of The Father is Yahuah, and He manifested on This Earth as Yahusha  (Yah is Salvation).

I hope and pray that you will not continue to believe in a counterfeit, and come to know The Real Messiah.


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