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Torahphobia and Quadcommdecaphobia | How to Heal TpD & TpSD!

Excellent Article

The Berean Report

Medical_Symbol“Torahphobia” [to-rah-fo-bi-uh] –noun. An intellectual disorder characterized by extreme, persistent, and irrational fear of Torah, the unfounded fear of the activity of obeying Torah, or a situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid Torah sometimes accompanied by ad hominem attacks on those who love Torah.

Interruption: For those who don’t know:
In this context, TORAH (eng. Law) is the eternal covenant instructions for righteousness given to all Israel through Moses that is to be eternally written upon our hearts. It is also known as the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy. Torah in this context does NOT include non scriptural add ons or ancient customs that are known as the Oral Law or Talmud.

Consequences of Torahphobia: May be eternal and may prevent some from hearing, obeying, or entering the renewed covenant in Y’shua. (See Lev 18:5, Ezekiel 20:11, Matthew 19:17, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 10:25-28)

Acute symptoms include cerebral…

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