Posted by: rshalomw | September 20, 2013

Is the Law of God Obsolete? Are we Now Under Grace?

Learn the Truth Pastors will not tell you.

The Berean Report

torah ripThe Torah is considered to be a cosmic force. Heaven and earth would not exist without the Torah.” Every ounce of justice that we experience today was founded on torah. Torah is God’s constitution. Although it continues to get amendments [covenants], the original contract is never abolished. “Similarly, there are rabbinical parallels for the importance of the little hooks [tittles] and the jot [Jod], the smallest letter of the alphabet, which cannot be removed from the Torah of Moses without danger. There is a reason that it is still in our bibles and the old and new have not been completely separated. So Yeshuah did not have the slightest intention to render the Torah powerless or to regard it as obsolete. On the contrary: He fulfills and completes it and sheds light on the true and deep meaning of the Torah. ‘Fulfill’ is ‘establish’: Jesus establishes the Torah; thereby –…

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