Posted by: rshalomw | September 6, 2013

Did the Seventh Day Sabbath Change to Sunday?

The Berean Report

Sabbath 2There is a history behind the fourth commandment that many Christians and followers of Jesus (Yahshuah) have no clue exists. Many believe that because they go to church on Sunday and go home and take a nap after church, they are keeping the fourth commandment. Of course their is grace for this situation when in our hearts we are wanting to please God (Yahweh) the father and keep all 10 of His commandments. However, it is when we come to an understanding of the truth that we are then given a choice of the heart whether we are going to serve Yahweh and keep his commands because we love him or continue doing what we know to be wrong in the eyes of Yahweh because we are afraid of disrupting our current level of comfort and our flow of life. Like it or not, we do this everyday when we…

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