Posted by: rshalomw | September 4, 2013

Is The Apostle Paul Crazy? Clarification on Paul’s Letters!

This will reveal the Truth about Proper context

The Berean Report


It is so important to understand what Yahweh thinks about things based from the 5 books of Moses, to the prophets, to the writings so that we can transition into the gospels (messianic writings) with a good foundation. Most of us did not grow up with this foundation of how the old is connected to the new so in a matter of speaking we are unlearning certain things so we can relearn them in the proper context. This post is going to be written in a questions and answer format for your reading enjoyment. Please feel free to use this information for conversations and discussions in your own circles.

Question: “Paul also called the group called The Circumcision “mutilators of flesh”, even though God said circumcision was to be a lasting covenant.” What did he mean by this?

Answer: There not only has to be biblical context but also historical…

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