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I want to know what Christians will do when they find out the origin of the word “Church.”  Will they think it is not really a big deal, or will they be shocked when they find out a subsequently change.  I submit that the reason such a common name originated is because of the influence of pagans in the beliefs of their faith.  The following  will give you the facts:

The word Church comes from the old English and Germanic word kirke, (pronounced keer-kay) and which itself came from the Babylonian for the goddess Circe (pronounced “seer say”)  This is the word from which we get circle,circumference, circumstance, circumvent, etc.  The goddess circle was thought to be connected to the sun, which is round, and thus the connection to circe, a circle.  In Anglo-Saxon history the pagans worshiped the sun standing in a kirke, a circle. These pagan worshipers became known as the circe, or the kirke.   Then ultimately the Chruch, yes, pagans were called the Church before Christians were called the Church.  Therefore, Chruch means, at the least, a pagan circle, a pagan circle for worship, and at the worst, the worship of the goddess Circe, or the worship of the Sun.

Rabbi Hargis, Messianic Jewish Survival Guide

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