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Many Americans are baffled about the major changes that have come to the American Society.  The America they knew and trusted is rapidly changing.  The following article will give you the reasons for these changes:

GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder
          On the verge of swooning over Hillary Clinton’s performance at her Senate confirmation hearing, The New York Times said the Secretary of State-designate “outlined a muscular view of American foreign policy.”
          Regarding the alleged foreign policy of her husband (which we’re told Hillary helped to shape), the word that comes to mind isn’t muscular but flaccid. He refused a Sudanese offer to turn over Osama bin Laden – twice. When it came to meeting international challenges, William Jefferson Clinton threatened to make Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt.
          Discussing coming budget cuts at the state and federal levels, an advocate for public education urged us “not to take it out on the kids” – by which she meant, don’t take it out on the teachers unions and education bureaucrats. Whatever happens, we must never, under any circumstances, reduce funding for the little edu-piggies who run our government illiteracy factories.
          This is a variation of “we’re doing it for the children” the motto of striking teachers everywhere trying to extort more money from taxpayers. Presumably, if they don’t get what they want, they’ll “take it out on the kids.”
          The foregoing got me thinking about lib-speak, and how we’ll be hearing a lot more of it in the Age of Obama. Catch phrases old and new will pile up like a compost heap of political correctness.
          Here are a few of my favorites:

•     Alternative lifestyles – Those would be the “lifestyles” that don’t actually generate life but which result in extraordinary levels of sexually transmitted diseases and other social pathologies. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2007, men who have sex with men (MSM) – AKA, homosexuals – comprised 64% of syphilis cases. In 2006, syphilis among MSM rose 14%. Alternative lifestyles offer an alternative to the family, Judeo-Christian morality, health and longevity.
•      Same-sex unions –
A euphemism for homosexual "marriage", otherwise known as state-sanctioned sodomy. Here’s a piece of paper that says two individuals committing acts formerly called unnatural, and sharing three rooms and a bath, are the same as husband and wife, united by faith and tradition, doing society’s essential work of procreation and child-rearing. The left (which has made homosexuals the new blacks) is determined to have this, notwithstanding that everywhere it’s appeared on the ballot (in 30 states) voters have enacted marriage amendments to their state constitutions. Can’t let a little thing like democracy stand in the way of liberalism’s quest for the end of the rainbow – where a group of men dressed like Judy Garland are promising to love, honor and obey.
•      Cohabitation –
I inhabit. You inhabit. Together we cohabit. It used to be called shacking up or living in sin. A majority of births in France are now the result of such ad hoc arrangements, which tend to be transient. The sin is camouflaged with sociological jargon. Cohabiting couples is less jarring than long-term fornicators.

•      Sexually Active –
Promiscuous is too judgmental. We wouldn’t want to imply that there’s anything wrong with a woman or man who has multiple “partners” (euphemism) in the same week. Thus, those who are busy sexually, are “active” – as opposed to slutty, horny, licentious or wanton. Note the term is never applied to married couples (who, apparently, are inert in the bedroom). It’s only the unmarried – who used to be expected to keep their fly zipped or their legs crossed – to whom the exculpatory phrase is applied.
•      Safe Sex –
Also known as keeping a layer of latex between you and your loved-one du jour. It’s the sexual equivalent of buckle-up for safety. Forget morality or the emotional turmoil, feelings of betrayal or sense of exploitation that frequently accompany transient liaisons. The only question that matters is: Got condoms? In schools across the land, children are taught the proper method of putting on prophylactics, not intangibles like honor, virtue and decency. Given the condom failure rate, safe sex really isn’t – unlike abstinence, which works every single time. At a conference of sexologists, the following question was posed: “If you could have sex with the man or woman of your dreams, knowing they were HIV-positive, with a condom for protection, would you?” Not one hand went up.
•      Single mothers –
Otherwise known as child abusers. As Ann Coulter explains in her new book, “Guilty: liberal victims and their assault on America,” women who choose to have children solo (as opposed to the divorced or widowed) are starting them off in life with the greatest handicap a loving parent can bestow. Being raised in a single-parent home is the most important indicator of future social pathology – including criminality, promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty and mental illness. Single mothers cost taxpayers $112 billion a year. (When moms aren’t married, Uncle Sugar is the daddy.) Coulter notes, “Seventy-two percent of juvenile murderers and 60 percent of rapists come from single-mother homes.” Still, the culture can’t pass judgment (which is reserved for smokers, SUV drivers and gun owners). So, we celebrate, coddle and coo over the single mother by choice. What once was a mark of shame is now the Croix de Guerre of the culture war. As a result, the number of children born out-of-wedlock (formerly illegitimate) rose from 600,000 in 1979 to 1.5 million in 2003.
•      The Homeless –
They used to be bums, vagrants, tramps, derelicts and street people. Along with single moms, the packing case crowd is another of the left’s sanctified victim groups (particularly when a Republican is in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). At least two-thirds of the habitation-deprived (reputed victims of a heartless, capitalistic society) are chronic alcoholics, addicts, mentally ill, or a combination thereof. The majority of the homeless with children are – come on, you can guess – single mothers.
•      Undocumented Workers –
Some are sans habitation, others lack documentation. What happened to their papers? Did they lose them wading across the Rio Grande? “Undocumented workers” is non-judgmental. The term “illegal immigrant” implies wrongdoing – like violating our immigration laws and refusing to go through the same process as millions of legal immigrants. Taxpayers, who shoulder the burden for our uninvited guests, do have documents – called 1040 forms. Being an undocumented worker also gives you the right to march in the streets with your national flag, demand an amnesty, call those who resist the move “racists,” and tell them that this is your land, anyway. Along with undocumented workers there are undocumented criminals, undocumented welfare recipients, undocumented drug dealers, the undocumented who commit vehicular homicides and undocumented gang members.
•      Fairness Doctrine –
Based on one of the left’s guiding principles – What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours I’ll eventually get with a little help from my friends in DC. The establishment left currently has a death-grip on major-circulation newspapers, network news departments (except for FOX), Hollywood, public education, academia and other idea-generators. The exceptions are the Internet and talk radio. Congressional censors are eager to correct that by resurrecting a doctrine introduced in 1949 (when radio consisted of weather forecasts and crop reports), abolished in 1987, and applying it specifically to talk radio. Thus, for every hour of conservative programming (which is popular and profitable), stations would have to provide an hour of liberal talk, which tends to draw audiences the size of a Dennis Kucinich campaign rally (minus Mrs. Kucinich) or Lindsay Lohan playing King Lear. The idea is to drive conservatives off the airwaves, denying them one of the few forums they have. If it could figure out a way, the left would regulate how often the public could think about conservative ideas.
•      Income Redistribution –
Highly recommended by President Barack Obama during the campaign – otherwise known as stealing. Sadly, income is not evenly distributed across the social landscape – due to insignificant factors like talent, hard work, sacrifice and ingenuity. There are lumps of it in some places. In others, it’s spread thin. It’s up to Washington – wise and benevolent – to even things out. Politicians take from the haves (who have a work ethic, an ability to plan for the future and a knack for generating jobs and wealth) and give to those who have not – while siphoning off whatever they can for the political elite and bureaucracy. Since that income is distributed to those less inclined to work, invest and generate employment, this is also known as spreading the poverty – a technique favored by communists, socialists and liberals.
•      Paying Your Fair Share of Taxes –
A term that’s never defined, but based on the assumption that the “rich” (also undefined), oil companies and large corporations generally aren’t paying an equitable amount – notwithstanding that the federal income tax is progressive (the more you earn, the greater the percentage of your income is looted). According to the Tax Foundation, in 2006, the top 1% of taxpayers earned 22.1% of adjusted gross income, but paid 39.9% of all federal income taxes. The bottom 50% paid 2.9% of taxes. Apparently this fiscal rape isn’t fair enough for the neo-Marxists in Congress and liberal interest groups.
•      Antiquated and Crumbling Infrastructure –
Liberals are genetically incapable of saying “infrastructure” without the modifiers “crumbling and antiquated.” It’s a wonderful way to push increased spending during a recession. After all, who wants to drive on highways and bridges that might crumble under your vehicle. We’re not supposed to ask the obvious question: Exactly how much will it cost to get infrastructure that isn’t dilapidated and deteriorating? The gas tax (state and federal), tolls, and general revenue are supposed to go to infrastructure upkeep. (According to the American Petroleum Institute, the average state gas tax is 30 cents a gallon, with the feds taking an additional 18.4 cents a gallon) How much is enough? Will we ever reach the point where spendaholics say: That’s it; the infrastructure is in fabulous shape. Current allocations are sufficient. Not in this life.

•      Islamaphobe –
A bigoted, hatemongering, racist who refuses to ignore the fact that the overwhelmingly majority of terrorist acts are committed by adherents of the religion-of-peace, that terrorist groups have names like jihad-this and Islamic-that, that those urging indiscriminate slaughter often have titles like imam, sheikh and mullah, and that the Koran espouses anti-Semitism and calls for unending war on infidels until they are annihilated or subjugated. The closer an individual or a nation adheres to Islam, the more likely they are to go for the jugular. Interestingly, those who throw around the charge Islamaphobe so casually would never choose to live in Libya, Syria, Iran, the Sudan or Gaza – where they could show their solidarity with the victims of Islamaphobia.
•      Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza –
There was a humanitarian crisis in Germany and Japan during World War II. More than 1.5 million German and 580,000 Japanese civilians died as the result of aerial bombing by the Allies. Others were without shelter, food and medical care. Dresden was firebombed, Berlin reduced to rubble, Tokyo incinerated, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki disappeared in mushroom clouds. On the other hand, the Nazis came to power democratically. Most Germans enthusiastically supported them until almost the bitter end. Likewise, the Gazans (a particularly virulent species of the genus Palestinian), elected Hamas to govern Gaza. Given a choice between eating their own children and renouncing their allegiance to Murder Inkoranated, most Gazans would reach for a bib and a bottle of A-1 steak sauce. It’s difficult to empathize with the plight of humans who created their own crisis – which is another way of saying: They asked for it.
•      Carbon Footprint –
According to The Nature Conservancy’s Carbon Footprint Calculator (which uses the same advanced technology as Mr. Peabody’s Way-Back Machine), if there are four people in your family, and you’re living in a detached, single-family house in the Northeast, you and yours are producing 45 tons of CO2 a year – roughly equivalent to the super-heated air generated by Al Gore every time he opens his mouth. “Carbon footprint” is an ingenious device of the environmentalist left to make us feel guilty for being alive. It’s also a way to rationalize population control. (“What, you want to bring another human being into the world – which may be the tipping-point that melts the icecaps and sends the polar bears south on surf boards, wearing Hawaiian shirts?”) “Carbon Foot Print” is a fraud based on another fraud, Global Warming – the dogma that the earth is getting warmer due to carbon dioxide emissions from cars, factories and your toaster. (Like, it has nothing to do with the cycle of solar activity.) It’s all the fault wicked man’s greedy propensity to muck-up the environment by burning huge amounts of fossil fuels and pumping lethal levels of CO2 into the atmosphere, in turn thinning the ozone layer and sending penguins running to the store for sunscreen. Astrology, phrenology and Rosie O’Donnell’s lectures on metallurgy are more scientific.
•      Alternative Energy –
The kind which can only be developed with massive government subsidies, because they make no sense economically. Beloved of whacko environmentalists and Democratic office holders, it’s a futile quest to power an industrial nation with sunshine (not the metaphoric kind blown you know where), wind and chicken droppings. It’s a way to keep a gullible public from demanding domestic energy exploration and production and expanded use of nuclear power. (Could there be a fate worse than limiting our dependence on oil from terrorist-friendly states or inconveniencing caribou in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?) Alternative energy is the myth that we can have it both ways – cut so-called greenhouse gas emissions substantially without significantly reducing our standard of living. It’s also the environmentalist equivalent of safe sex – in that it doesn’t work.
•      Mean-Spirited –
That would be me, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and anyone else who preaches personal responsibility, limited government and justice (not racial justice, social justice or gender equity – but plain old-fashioned justice). Mean-spirited is evangelical Christians, who give a disproportionate share of their income to the poor. Good-spirited is silver-spoon socialists like Ted Kennedy and Al Gore, who are tight as a new pair of shoes, but love to grandstand about government not doing enough for the poor. Mean-spirited is Ann Coulter, who used a bad word referring to John Edwards. Good-spirited is John Edwards – who gives speeches on fighting poverty at $50,000 a pop, turned his wife’s cancer into a campaign event, and later was caught cheating on her.
•      Politics of Change –
No one knows what it means. Was there ever a candidate who didn’t claim to be partial to change? (“I’m for the status quo.”) It was the media’s favorite catch phrase in the last campaign (much as “soccer moms” and “gender gap” were in campaigns past). Barack Obama rode the Change Express all the way to the White House. As Jonah Goldberg noted in his book, “Liberal Fascism,” “change” was a leitmotif of both National Socialism and Italian fascism. The Politics of Change probably comes down to: We’ll take the folding money. You can keep the change.


GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder
          This is the second in a series on how the left manipulates language to advance collectivism, social nihilism and internationalism (the end of American sovereignty).
In a war of ideas, words are weapons. The unwary often fall into the trap of unthinkingly accepting the terminology of the liberal/left, not understanding that happy euphemisms mask ugly agendas.
          This lexicon is a map to guide you through the ideological land mines of Lib-Speak – George Orwell meets the CBS Evening News.
Economic Stimulus – Based on the bizarre assumptions that government can spend our way to prosperity and, when it comes to spending our money, the Great Mixed-Race Father in Washington knows best.
          Economic stimulus subsidizes the feckless at the expense of the competent, the provident at the expense of the improvident (the poor schmucks who never miss a mortgage payment end up underwriting the deadbeats who took out mortgages they couldn’t afford), failed companies at the expense of thriving businesses, and the productive sector at the expense of the parasitical sector – while growing government.
          It’s also a code word for pork, larded with bacon grease. Obama’s 1073-page, $1.14 trillion (interest included) extravaganza includes subsidies for projects crucial to an economic recovery, such as $ 2 billion for a high-speed passenger train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (greasing the tracks of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) and an additional $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (so it can dole out more to those who commit works of art ranging from the incomprehensible to the reprehensible).
          There are also billions for the Democrats’ favored constituencies, which in turn will help the party of plunder to stay in power in 2010 and beyond. Stimulus spending is the fertile soil from which Democratic votes grow.
          But I digress. When consumers buy products, it encourages manufacturers to produce goods people actually want. When government shovels billions at companies that produce stuff they can’t give away, it encourages them to produce even more stuff they can’t give away – further distorting the economy.
          Stimulus spending also sucks up credit the private sector desperately needs, retarding a real recovery.
          All of this works like a charm. BHO fancies himself FDR, a comparison that may not be as far-fetched as it seems at first. All of Roosevelt’s stimulus spending (which was a lot for the times) and alphabet agencies, resulted in higher unemployment in 1938 – five years into the New Deal – than in 1933, when he took office.
Community Organizer – Formerly known as an outside agitator – one who rallies a mendicant army to clamor for more welfare, government regulation, and handouts aimed at income redistribution.
          Think of them as urban guerrillas with weapons far deadlier than guns.
          The president himself made his bones as a community organizer in Chicago. During the campaign, Obama apologists painted a picture of community organizers involved in smiley-face projects like getting neighborhood residents together to clean up a park so kids will have a place to play.
          Reality lies in the depredations of the Saul Alinsky storm troopers known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) – stealth socialists who attack banks for “predatory lending practices,” campaign for “living wages” (paying workers more than their labor’s worth – increasing unemployment), disrupt city council meetings, occupy houses to prevent foreclosure, and attempt to physically intimidate municipal officials and employees of lending institutions.
          Ironically, following their success at driving businesses out of cities, ACORN now wants them to pay for an “exit visa” to escape the economic conditions forced on them by ACORN. What’s next – Berlin Walls?
          Obama’s recently passed stimulus package will stimulate the acorns from which mighty socialist programs grow. ACORN gets $4.2 billion in the guise of “neighborhood stabilization projects.”
Progressive – One of the many accolades the left awards itself.
          In Lib-speak, a progressive favors progress toward a socialist state. A regressive (conservative) opposes a system that’s failed from 5-year plans to Midnight Basketball.
          Support for ever higher taxes and more government expenditures is progressive. Support for tax cuts and spending limits is regressive. A hankering after more regulation of an already overburdened economy is progressive. Those who view the market as a self-regulating mechanism, as well as the great engine of prosperity, are clearly regressive.
          Those who believe government should reward improvidence are progressive. Proponents of individual responsibility and merit are regressive.
          Enough of such progress, and we’ll be back in caves, wearing animal skins and scratching at flea-bites.
Advocacy Journalism – Also known as indoctrination in the guise of information (news coverage).
          Trying to locate a conservative in a newsroom is like trying to find a Perdue at a PETA rally.
          In the past campaign, advocacy journalism consisted of describing, in minute detail, every age-spot on John McCain, whilst portraying the O-man as a god suffused in light descending from Mt. Olympus on clouds of glory bearing perpetual prosperity in one hand and peace everlasting in the other.
          Advocacy journalism includes reporters quoting unnamed and probably nonexistent sources to make their point. Another favorite technique of partisan journalists is using loaded terms like “religious right” and “ultra-conservative,” but never “religious left,” when referring to the National Council of Churches or clerics who favor inter-species commitment ceremonies, or “ultra-left” when discussing politicians like Ted The Super-Sized Statist.
          Advocacy journalism is why, in opinion polls, reporters and editors are ranked lower on integrity than lawyers but higher than former Illinois Governor Rod (“How much am I offered for this Senate seat?”) Blagojevich.
Unilateralism – The silly notion that the United States should act against clear and present dangers without the blessings of the UN, Euro surrender-monkeys, Code Pinko and Sean Penn.
          Unilateralism is embraced by those with a healthy survival instinct. Imagine that unilateralist Franklin Roosevelt declaring war on Japan on December 8, 1941, without the consent of the League of Nations, Vichy France, Tokyo Rose and the German-American Bund.
          The left is particularly keen on making no military moves without the approval of the French (who surrendered to the Nazis after 15 minutes of hard fighting in 1940 and spent the rest of the war collaborating), the Swedes (who sold iron ore to the Nazis throughout the war) and the Germans (who, come to think of it, were the Nazis).
          The left believes it’s essential for Europeans, who wet their pants every time the Kremlin rattled its sabers during the Cold War, to now have a veto over American moves in the War on Terrorism.
Bringing Peace to the Middle East – Not content with bringing peace to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in the 1970s and Iran in 1979 (recall which president helped topple the Shah), the left is determined to bring peace to the Middle East, over Israel’s prostrate body.
          Jimmy Carter – the mullah of Middle East peacemakers (he got a Nobel Prize for it, after all) – thinks calling the only democracy in the region an “apartheid state” advances the cause of peace.
          Bringing peace to the Middle East requires a denial of empirical evidence and a suspension of reason – pretending that Islam is the religion of peace, that the Palestinians want peace, that Hamas and Hezbollah can be reconciled with the “Zionist entity,” that a nuclear-armed Iran poses no threat to Middle East peace (but that Jews living on the West Bank do) and that giving Israel indefensible borders and a neighbor committed to its destruction advances the cause of peace in the Middle East.
Israel Lobby – Reputed to be the most powerful force in American politics. Said to manipulate presidents and dictate U.S. foreign policy in a single bound. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s Zionist-man.
          In its most extreme variant (known as the Zionist Lobby), this invention of paranoid anti-Semites is charged with masterminding the 9/11 attacks, the Holocaust (to generate sympathy for a Jewish homeland) and the assassination of Garfield (the president, not the cat).
          If there is an Israel Lobby, it must be the most incompetent interest group in history (the kosher equivalent of the Keystone Cops).
          Notwithstanding that the Israelis actually like us (and vote with us at the United Nations), and the Palestinians hate our guts – they danced for joy when the Twin Towers collapsed and named a square in Ramallah for the first suicide bomber to kill a U.S soldier in Iraq – Washington insists on what it calls “evenhandedness” in our treatment of the victims and the jihadists.
          For at least the last 20 years, a Palestinian State has been the guiding principle of U.S. Middle East policy. Were it not for the Palestinians penchant for self-defeating violence (sending suicide bombers to Tel Aviv, firing rockets into Be’er Sheva), this cherished State Department objective would have been achieved long ago – the omnipotent Israel Lobby notwithstanding.
          Why is it no one speaks of the Saudi Lobby (an army of well-paid Washington lobbyists and publicists), the Arab Lobby (AKA, the U.S. State Department), the Muslim Lobby (including Saudi-subsidized front groups and Jimmy Carter – another Saudi-subsidized front group) or the Jihad Lobby (most American mosques)?
          And now, less than a month into the job, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (who once embraced Suha Arafat, after the latter charged Israel was using poison gas to kill Palestinian women and children) wants U.S. taxpayers to shower Gazans with $900 million to help them rebuild after an Israeli operation they provoked. Some Israel Lobby.
Moderate Muslim – One who has yet to blow himself up, plan an attack on a U.S. military installation or behead his wife.
          The knights of Arthurian legend quested for the Holy Grail. Spanish conquistadors sought El Dorado. Present day liberals are constantly on the lookout for a mythical creature like unto the unicorn and the mermaid –the moderate Muslim.
          Moderate Muslims are like quicksilver, just when you think you have one in your grasp, he slips through your fingers.
          Witness Muzzammil Hassan. In 2004, Hassan founded Bridges TV, a Buffalo-area cable station, to “fuse American culture with the values of Islam in a healthy, family-oriented way.”
          An upstanding citizen and a credit to his faith, Hassan was upset about negative depictions of Muslims in the media. “The level of ignorance regarding Muslims and Islam is very high in the United States.” Hassan was wont to say.
          Last week, the goodwill ambassador for a soft-and-cuddly Islam was arrested and charged with murder in the second degree, in the decapitation death of his wife, Aasiya. Mrs. Hassan had filed for divorced, charged her husband with “cruel and inhuman treatment,” and recently got a restraining order against him. The conflict reportedly came to a head when Aasiya lost her’s.
          In a way, Hassan is right: In the U.S., the level of ignorance regarding Islam is very high indeed. Many American labor under the illusion that Islam is a religion of peace, that the vast majority of Muslims are Mr. Rogers with a prayer rug, and that the Koran is the Torah or New Testament set in the Arabian desert.
Church-State Separation – Based on a deliberate misreading of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."
          The words “church-state separation,” “wall of separation” and “intermingling of government and religion” appear nowhere in the Constitution, Articles of Confederation or Declaration of Independence, the latter with its multiple references to God.
          At the time of the Constitution’s ratification, and for more than 150 years thereafter, “establishment of religion” was correctly understood to mean a national church, like the Church of England, as the Founding Fathers intended. It’s only in the past half-century that leftists, including leftists on the Supreme Court, have used this fiction to banish school prayer, God in the Pledge of Allegiance, and sectarian holiday decorations –theocratic trappings like creches and menorahs.
          During the past presidential campaign, noted constitutional scholar Whoopi Goldberg articulated the left’s position on ABC’s “The View.” Regarding Sarah Palin’s alleged theocratic impulses (her tendency to see God’s hand in the affairs of men), Goldberg declared: “I believe that the separation of church and state is very necessary for this country because we’re a country that welcomes all religions, people of all kinds of backgrounds and the minute it becomes one kind of religious country I’m very concerned.” Get a celebrity away from a teleprompter and the babbling begins.
          America has always welcomed people of diverse religions or none at all (like Unitarians). The question is: Shall the religion of the overwhelming majority (Christianity) receive no recognition – and shall an acknowledgement of the universal God in a public setting be treated as the moral equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition? To which the left resoundingly answers “you betcha.”
An Honest Dialogue On Race – For the left, this consists of Caucasians humbly bowing their heads and being lectured ad nauseam on the innate racism of the white race.
          This perspective is epitomized by Attorney General Eric Holder.
          Speaking to Justice Department employees at an event honoring Black History Month (since Caucasians made no contribution to American history, naturally, there’s no White History Month). Holder, a person of color, declared that we are “a nation of cowards” because Americans are afraid to talk about race, in that “certain subjects are off-limits and that to explore them risks at best embarrassment and at worst the questioning of one’s character.”
          Wonder who he had in mind.
          Certainly not the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., President Obama’s pastor for 19 years, whose anti-white ravings are legendary (“White people’s greed drives a world in need.”), or Obama’s buddy Father Michael Pfleger (who tells us, “white people believe they’re entitled”) or Louis Farrakhan (America’s #1 racist nut-case, who believes the white race was invented by an evil black scientist 10,000 years ago) or Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or myriad race-hustlers purveying guilt for profit (monetary or political).
          A real discussion of race might include a consideration of why Obama took 43% of the white vote (guess they temporarily managed to overcome their ingrained racism on Nov. 4, 2008) and 95% of the black vote. Did the latter all objectively determine that Barack was the best man for the job?
          It might also include posing other uncomfortable questions, such as: Why among African-Americans the illegitimacy rate is over 70% (more than double that of whites) or why blacks – who, according to the last Census, were 12.7% of the U.S. population – account for 50% of all homicides (95% of victims are also black).
          To ask such questions is to mark one as David Duke’s clone and the reincarnation of Bull Connor. By “an honest dialogue on race,” the left means a monologue – a recitation of the racial sins of white America with no mention of the social pathologies which plague black America.
Population Planning – People control, government action to eliminate “unwanted children,” abortion, contraceptives (to reduce procreation), and sex education, to persuade the youth of America that they can fornicate without consequences.
          People have always been a problem for the left. With Marxism-Leninism and Maoism, they had an easy solution – starve the kulaks, put reactionary elements against the wall, send dissidents to gulags.
          In democracies, it gets trickier. What can’t be done with bullets and naked force (China’s one-child-per-family policy), is accomplished with appropriations, abortion and indoctrination.
          The perfect example of left-lunacy here is Nancy Pelosi’s attempts to justify hundreds of millions for population planning as an economic stimulus measure.
          While she couldn’t come right out and say it, Pelosi believes children (especially those born into poor families) are a problem, resulting in government expenditures for at least the first 18 years of their lives – ergo, it would be better if they were never born. Who does the House Speaker think will pay taxes 18 years hence?
          When it comes to demographics, liberals are Chicken Little playing hopscotch. Forty years ago, we were told that too many people would bring mass starvation. It didn’t.
          Thirty years ago, they told us that we would soon exhaust the Earth’s resources. That didn’t happen either.
          Now it’s all about the environment, Global Warming and reducing our carbon footprint. Unlike the left’s other scare tactics, population growth and CO2 emissions as a cause of global warming can’t be disproved, at least not in this century.
          Most developed nations have below-replacement birthrates. Sometime in this century, the world’s population will begin declining. We could even reach the point where there aren’t enough people to maintain civilization in some places.
          But the penguins and polar bears will be tickled pink, and that’s what really counts. Remember – People bad. Polar bears good. The left has gone from “Workers of the World Unite” to “Caribou of the World the Unite – You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Tundra.”


Lib-Speak III – A Left-Icon For The Age Of Obama
GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder

         The left thrives on language-manipulation, what George Orwell called “Newspeak” in his novel “1984.” It’s not a tax hike; it’s revenue enhancement. It’s not racial spoils; it’s affirmative action. Instead of class warfare or punishing productivity; call it making the rich pay their fair share. It’s not anti-Americanism, it’s historical revisionism.
         Lib-speak is poison dipped in chocolate – toxins lethal to the economy, the culture and individual liberty. The idea is to hustle the unwary, to make them think they’re buying charity, equity, sweetness and light, when in reality the left is selling variants of a creed that’s failed miserably for more than a century – whether it’s called socialism, multiculturalism or moral relativism.
         This year, with a debate raging over everything from a $14.3 trillion national debt and unemployment over 9%, to the meaning of marriage and the nature of terrorism, it’s more important than ever to cut through the fog of liberal clichés, exposing the snares they conceal.
         This is the third installment of an ongoing series. Links to “Lib-Speak” and “Lib-Speak II” are found at the end of this commentary.
         • Refusing to Raise The Debt Ceiling – According to President Recession-What-Recession? and his binge-spending party, raising the debt ceiling (authorizing more deficit spending) should take no more thought than deciding whether to order a venti latte or iced cappuccino at Starbucks. When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.626 trillion. Today, it’s over $14.3 trillion. In other words, in two years and 6 months, Obama increased the national debt by 35%. (Just imagine what he could do with a second term.) We’re now spending money we don’t have at the rate of $125 billion a month. According to bankers, bondholders and Democratic politicians, Republican refusal to mindlessly go along with another authorization to dig the deficit hole deeper, without exacting meaningful spending cuts, is based on obstinacy and a malicious need to embarrass this president. (Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee even suggested it was racially motivated.) Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner hints at an inability to send out Social Security checks, even though a few months ago he assured us the system was self-funding. According to the left, there’s no downside to raising the debt limit – there’s no crowding out effect on private borrowing, interest on the debt won’t consume a growing portion of federal spending, the debt won’t be monetized and we’ll never run out of lenders. (The Chinese are chumps with bottomless pockets.) In other words, at Obama’s Club Fed, the party never stops.
         • Tax Loopholes – In the debt-ceiling/budget-balancing debate, Barack Obama (who has the same effect on economics that Genghis Khan had on demographics) inveighs against tax “loopholes” – described as demonic devices allowing greedy corporations to avoid paying a reasonable share of their income. At the outset, understand that corporations already fork over to the feds a hefty portion of their earnings. Oil and natural gas companies pay an effective tax rate of 41% – money that could go into exploration and development (lowering energy costs) and increasing employment all around. A loophole is any deduction that the left doesn’t like. Just a few months ago, the president was ragging on the tax break for corporate jets, until someone reminded him the deduction was written into the tax code and extended by Democratic Congresses, to bolster an airline industry reeling from the effects of 9/11. The biggest loophole (though it’s rarely described as such) is the mortgage-interest deduction According to the CBO, this mother of all tax breaks will result in a loss of $131 billion in tax revenue in 2012. Of course, ending it would send an already wobbly housing market into a tail-spin. Like beauty, tax loopholes are in the eyes of the beholder. The left’s anti-loophole ploy is part of its overall strategy in the deficit debate – keep the focus on increasing revenue rather than reducing spending.
         • Public Employees (AKA Government Workers) – Just about the swellest people on earth according to the libtocracy. (And to think, some have suggested that the anthem of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees should be “Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum.”) According to liberal mythology, these hard-working, dedicated, heroic public servants are the backbone of the nation. Reagan allegedly wanted to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. Today, Republican governors are said to be using the prostrate bodies of public employees as a dike to contain a raging sea of red ink. Threaten to take away a penny from government workers (in the form of pay or pension contributions) and the apocalypse is at hand – notwithstanding that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006, the average state or municipal worker received $78,853 in salary and fringe benefits – $25,771 more than the average serf toiling in the private sector. Only 18% of private-sector workers get a pension, compared to 80% of public-sector drones. But look at what we’re getting for our money. Massachusetts 8th-graders, who have the best math scores in the nation, still rank considerably below Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Students in New Mexico, Mississippi and DC have math scores comparable to those centers of scholarship – Bulgaria, Macedonia and Moldova. To protect its fiefdom, the National Education Association gives 96% of its PAC contributions to Democrat candidates.
         • Tea Partiers – From the left’s perspective, evil personified – howling mobs that hate minorities and the poor and want to demolish the fabulous federal colossus built since the days of FDR. Comedienne-cum-commentator Janeane Garofalo called them “a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks.” “This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up,” Garofalo raves. (Presumably, if a white man was intent on ruining the economy and nationalizing health care, tea partiers would be cheering hysterically while throwing confetti in the air.) An April 2010 CBS News/New York Times poll showed 37% of tea partiers are college graduates (compared to 25% of the general public), and 56% earn more than $50,000 a year. So, here we have a mob of middle-income, educated red necks. When Tea Party activists were asked their goals, the top four choices were reducing the role of the federal government (45%), creating jobs (9%), lowering taxes (6%) and cutting government spending (6%). These are indeed depraved and desperate characters. Hide the children and farm animals when they’re in town.
         • Civility – That which liberals preach the most and practice the least. From the left’s perspective, civility means “If we stub our toes while kicking you in the teeth, we’re the victims.” Civility is a truncheon the left uses to bash conservatives for exercising their First Amendment rights, while it gleefully smears its opponents. When Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and six others killed in January (the man charged with the crimes is clearly delusional – even more than Janeane Garofalo), liberals claimed the deed was inspired by right-wing rhetoric. Clarence Dupnik (the left’s favorite lawman), Sheriff of Pima County, Arizona, where the crimes took place, blamed talk radio, the Tea Parties, Sarah Palin (whose PAC used a graphic of target over Giffords’ congressional district) and Arizona’s “racist” immigration law. (It’s easy to mistake a Democratic Congresswoman for an illegal alien.) But when Massachusetts Congressman Mike Capuano urged union goons demonstrating in support of Wisconsin public employees to “get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” the establishment media and liberal civility-mongers barely raised an eyebrow. Such is the hypocrisy surrounding calls for civility.
         • Teaching Tolerance – AKA: brainwashing – pushing the left’s agenda in the guise of fighting hatred. The most recent and egregious example of this is California’s SB 48, just signed into law by the state’s geriatric hippy governor, Jerry Brown. The statute requires California textbooks, for all grades, to positively promote “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans” as “role” models.” (I don’t think California’s Barnum and Bailey legislature had Jeffrey Dahmer in mind when it passed this.) Among the contributions of LGBT Americans which will not be noted – indeed, which textbooks will strenuously avoid discussing – are astronomical rates of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among the unnatural-acts community. What liberals call teaching tolerance the communists called “raising class consciousness.” In its POW camps, the North Koreans called them “self-criticism sessions.” Liberals call their form of re-education, which takes place in public-school gulags, teaching tolerance.
         • Religion of Peace – Muslims are another victim group which we must be taught to affirm – by avoiding reality at all costs. If Islam is the religion of peace, then Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan (where the faith is practiced most rigorously) should be among the most harmonious places on earth – instead of sinkholes of repression, misogyny, jihad and rabid anti-Semitism. Consider this: Any list of influential Christians would likely include Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Billy Graham. For Islam, the same list probably would include the Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden and Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (the blind cleric who masterminded the first WTC bombing). It’s the difference between faith, hope and charity and fatwas, suicide bombers and honor killings. The website – whose motto is “Islam: the Religion of Peace (and a big stack of bodies)” – has a list of Islamic terror attacks for the past two months alone, not the past year, not since the beginning of the year, but just in the last 60 days. Between May 15 and July 14, there were 322 terrorist incidents, in 23 countries on three continents, resulting in 1,580 deaths. If Islam is the religion of peace, German is the language of diplomacy, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are models of sobriety and President Obama is a study in humility.
         • Conspiracy Theories – According to the left, exclusively the province of the right. The media even have a name for those who believe Dear Leader was born in Kenya – “birthers.” (I’ve always thought of Obama as more an alien of the extraterrestrial kind than an undocumented politician.) Why Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee actually believed in a communist conspiracy (that our government was riddled with Soviet agents) – except, wait a minute, our government was riddled with Soviet agents, a fact verified when Moscow opened its intelligence files after the fall of the USSR. Unlike conservatives, liberals are far too sophisticated to go for crackpot conspiracy theories, except for a few little things like: 1. The October Surprise – the theory that in 1980, the Iranians held our embassy hostages until after the election, to secure the defeat of Jimmy Carter, because they preferred a big wuss like Ronald Reagan in the White House instead of a manly man like the president who fled from a killer rabbit. 2. The Stolen Election – the notion that the Florida Secretary of State, the manufacturers of paper ballots and the United States Supreme Court (that notorious bastion of conservatism) stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. 3. 9/11 Was An Inside Job – the paranoid delusion that the Bush administration engineered the attack on the World Trade Center to give the president a pretext to attack Iraq, to give the Iraqis a chance to grab our natural resources (the tax dollars we’ve poured into that sandpit). Van Jones, Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar, signed a “9/11 Truther” petition. Comedienne-cum structural engineer Rosie O’Donnell said it was impossible for fire to melt the steel frame of the Twin Towers (She should be writing for “Scientific American” and “Popular Mechanics” or “Popular Paranoids”), and 4. The Big Oil Price-Fixing Plot – that oil producers are sitting on a secret petroleum reserve that they won’t release to keep gas prices artificially high. Clever the way Gulf, Shell and Exxon engineered the ban on off-shore drilling. Except, I forget, the left’s conspiracy theories are actually reasonable assumptions based on scientifically verifiable evidence – in the objective opinion of its lapdog media.


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