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Memorial Day is a time for looking back and remembering the tremendous sacrifices that were made so that Americans could live in freedom.  The following paintings will speak volumes for what has become of America.  Will Americans wake up, or will they squander the opportunity to take their Country back?







"For, brothers, you were called to be free. Only do not let that freedom become an excuse for allowing your old nature to have its way. Instead, serve one another in

– Galatians 5:13

On behalf of the PJTN Board and our Watchmen around the world, we want to remember those who died and honor those families who lost loved ones on this Memorial Day. 
Memorial Day is a holiday that many celebrate as a three day weekend enjoying a barbecue with family and friends, but let us not forget those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on this sobering day.
It is a day to commemorate and contemplate those who have given their all for the freedom and safety of our nation. With the current scandals surrounding the administration over Benghazi, the death of Seal Team Six members, IRS and the media, as well as the growing threat of radical Islam in our country, we cannot allow the deaths of so many of our fallen soldiers to be in vain. 
So as you gather your loved ones and friends to remember those who sacrificed it all, be sure to take some time today to pray.  Remember to ask The Almighty to protect and watch over the lives and families of our soldiers currently serving to protect and defend our rights and freedoms, so that G-d willing, America will continue to remain free, because of the brave.

Because of the Brave - Waving Flag

Because of the Brave – Waving Flag

What sacrifice are you willing to make in your daily life to defend this nation against its enemies, both foreign and domestic, so that those who gave it all, did not give it in vain?

Laurie Cardoza-Moore


  1. some good thoughts on this website, I believe that something radical is going on when they say memorial day is for all the south it was never accepted because it was for remembering union soldiers.this year everyone is trying to change history and it is weird.america is changing from a Christian nation to anything goes.lots of things in the past were wrong but media should say the truth and not rewrite out what we don’t like about our history.i guess there should be a sense of right and wrong and not just say ,oh now we will call it how it should have been as a new way.we have to learn from the past or we will repeat it.

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