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There is a Gender War that is occurring in the World today and its effect will be devastating. Most people are so caught up in the “daily grind” of the work week, that they don’t perceive the dramatic changes that are occurring. The following article states the Case far better than I can write:

One of the most profound movements of modern times and carrying some of the most far-reaching ramifications is the destruction of gender. What has been taking place in Sweden gives us a warning and a lesson.
Recently, a Swedish regulatory group pressured “Top-Toy”, one of the largest toy companies of Northern Europe to change its marketing. Accordingly, Top Toy put out ist 2012 Christmas catalogue showing little boys playing with a Barbie Dream House and girls playing with guns and gory action figures.

Sweden has been at the forefront of the war on gender. In 2004m the leader of Sweden’s Left Party Feminist Council proposed a tax one ment to pay for violence and mayhem caused by their gender. In april 2012, the Swedes formally adopted a new, artificially created pronoun “hen,” ti replace “han” and “hon” (“he” and “she”). It would be the English equivalent of eliminating “boys” and “girls” and call all children “birds.” In state-sponsored pre-schools, stories like “Snow White and “Cinderella” have been replaced by tales of two male giraffes who parent abandoned crocodile eggs.

Twenty Years ago, the American toy company, Hasbro, tested a playhouse it sought to market to both boys and girls. But is was apparent that boys and girls interacted differently. the girls dressed up the dolls, kissed them, and played house. The boys catapulted the boy baby carriage from the roof. One Hasbro manager came up with a stunning conclusion: “Boys and girls are different”.”

For years the political argument has been that differences in behavior between boys and girls, men and women, are primarily the result of stereotypes imposed on them by society. The problem is that the politically incorrect reality transcends human society.

It is not society or culture that has determined the distinctions: physically, emotionally, and behaviorally between male and female – it’s a matter of creation. And the war against these distinctions is a matter of end-time civilization as one which has departed from what is natural. Thus, the emerging end-time civilization in which we live is increasingly at war with gender, a war against creation, and a war against Him who created it.

We have come to the point where the distinction of gender is routinely viewed as outdated at best, and , at worst, evil. The war manifests in the weakening and destruction of marriage and family. If there is no basic and inherent distinction between man and woman, why have marriage or family in the first place? It manifests in the new phenomenon of boys falling behind girls in eduction and achievement – as male behavior is now routinely discouraged and punished. And it manifests in the massive advocacy of homosexuality and lesbianism. For if there is no real distinction between man and woman, than how can homosexuality be wrong?
For Followers of Jesus:
As believers in the end-times, we must not go along with the unquestioned dogmas and sacred cows of the age.We must uphold the sacredness of life, the holiness of sexuality and the distinction of gender, and the sanctity of life. For society did not create gender. Gender created society. And God created gender. As it is written: “Male and female, He created them.”

May God greatly bless you with His power to live in holiness, purity, and fullness of His life.

Jonathan Cahn


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