Posted by: rshalomw | May 1, 2013


Most Christians would agree that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. During my Bible Study last night, the following thoughts came to me. History proves that Anti-Semite “Christian” Leaders wanted to have nothing to do with the Jewish people. I thought how foolish this is when they knew HE was Jewish, and yet rejected his Jewishness. The modern-day Church does the same thing, in that they do not honor His Sabbaths and His Feast days and provoke most Jewish people to anger, instead of provoking them to jealously which they are instructed to do.

The Church is really adding to Scripture and putting words in Jesus’s mouth that he never said. JESUS DID NOT CHANGE THE SABBATH DAY, AND YET THE CHURCH CLAIMS THAT HE DID. JESUS DID NOT COME TO START A NEW RELIGION. There would be One Faith and One People had Christianity not separated from its Jewish Roots, and not the multitude of belief systems within Christianity that exist in this modern era.


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