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If you are an American, you need to watch the following video and you will learn what few Americans know:

SHANE: I was pastoring a small church in a small town, and the Sunday before 9/11, while I
was preaching, in the middle of my preaching, Sid, all of a sudden something came on me. I
began to weep and I could literally smell the fragrance of death in the air. Let me qualify that for
you. Early days, as a child, I had been a witness to an accident, a car accident, in which a family
had burned alive in this car accident, and I was close to it, and there was a smell that that smell
gave us. That was the smell that I began to smell in the atmosphere. I called my church to prayer.
I said, something drastic is about to happen. I don’t know what this means, but God says, “The
number of 12 is order.” But God said, “The number of 11 is confusion.” And there is something
tied to 11 and there’s something tied to the smell of death. And I said, I don’t know what this
means, but I need us to all pray. A very somber air came upon our church.
SID: By the way of course, September 11th, that’s where you got the 11 from. And also, I didn’t
mention to you, he was touched by God as a young man. And he knows without being told,
people’s names, addresses, even the very dreams they have. So go ahead.
SHANE: Well I had this experience, and I knew this was from the Lord. I had no idea what it
was about. I became very burdened about it. To my own horror, a few days later I get a phone
call from one of my board members that morning, 9/11. He said, “Pastor, are you up?” And I
said, “Yeah, I’m up.” He said, “Do you have your television on?” I said, “No, sir.” He said, “You
need to turn your television on. Everything you just said is coming to pass right now.” And he
said, “There has been a bombing in New York of the Twin Towers.” I turned on the television
and I was just shocked, as the rest of the world was, as we watched those towers collapse that
day. So that was one of the events that God showed me beforehand, even to the point that people
called and wanted to know how I knew those events. And I just had to tell them, it came from
SID: Okay. In 2007, before the great recession that we had in the United States, the Spirit of God
came on you, and what did you say?2
SHANE: I was preaching in my church in Louisiana. And as I began to share, all of a sudden the
spirit of prophecy came on me. And the Lord began to speak through me about a recession and
telling the people to shore up all of their investments, that there was nothing that was going to be
safeguarded from this. That they needed to make sure they got their investments in line, that
there is something great was about to come upon the economic system of America, and we were
going to begin to struggle. And in the midst of that, God began to speak to me how He’s going to
bless the church. And in the midst of that for those who would listen to the Word of the Lord.
And then God began to speak to me about prophetic winds that were blowing, and the things that
would happen in America. And then of course at the end of 2007-2008, the great recession hit.
But what was amazing, God was giving me specific details of the stock market. And the Lord
spoke to me and said that America had depended and had been worshiping a bull like the
children of Israel, who had been brought out of bondage and were brought out into the
wilderness to worship God. And Aaron had built this golden calf, that so America was
worshiping a bull, and it was the bull market. And God said in this prophesy, “I’m about to grind
that bull up.”
SID: And that was at a time when you could buy real estate anywhere and make money. You
could buy stocks anywhere and make money. All of these amazing companies were going off the
charts. So for Shane to say that now, it wouldn’t take a lot of talent. But before it happened I
would imagine some people didn’t even believe what you prophesied.
SHANE: Oh yeah. I had people, as I told you before, I received great persecution for it. I was
told that I was a false prophet. Some of those prophesies made YouTube and of course got
responses that I was a false prophet, didn’t know what I was talking about. And I never claimed
to be a prophet. I don’t necessarily want those kind of titles. I just know when the Spirit of God
comes upon me and begins to speak through me.
SID: As far as America goes, you saw some things that we’ll talk about on this show, that you
told me you have never shared publicly on television before. You’re going to find out the future
of America. You’re going to find out specifics. You’re going to find out what the wise will be
investing in to be able to help all the needs that are shortly going to come on America. You are
going to find out the future of true believers in the Messiah. The blessings of God are going to so
overtake them that it’s going to just knock the breath out of you. Don’t go away. We’ll be right
We now return to It’s Supernatural.
SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Shane Warren. Shane thinks he just has a normal service. And he
begins to hear from God, and begins to prophesy things he had never heard before about the
future of America, for one hour. He is a known man that hears from God. And I want you, this is 3
the first time he has shared this throughout the world on television. Now you explained to me
you’ve been studying the history of nations, and there is what you call a 400-year cycle.
SHANE: There are numerous cycles in the Word of God, Sid. You know, you have 400, 490
years and seven-year cycles, things of that nature. But specifically is when God spoke to
Abraham and told Abraham, before the children of Israel went into bondage, that they would be
there for 400 years in Egypt. And He said they would be there, and then He said, “Because the
inequity of the Amorites has not yet come to the full.” In other words, it would take 400 years for
the iniquity to build up to the place that provoked God’s judgment.
SID: A lot of people don’t understand this. It’s almost like God has much more mercy than any
human you ever met. And it’s because He has so much mercy, you think you’d get away with sin.
Well what is going on is like a big barrel, and the sins are being poured into it. And there comes
a tipping point. That’s what you’re talking about.
SHANE: We’re at the tipping point. In fact, it could be that America has went beyond the tipping
point at this phase. I hope not and I pray not. But still, that 400 years, there is some sort of
prophetic cycle there. Most people focus on America only being 230-some-odd years old. But
the truth of the matter is the first compact in America was signed in 1620. So the 400-year cycle
for America is going to come at the year 2020. Every single major student of church growth,
church history is telling you that in America we’re on a slippery slope, an incredible drastic
decline within the church and spiritual—
SID: So what happens in a 400-year cycle to a country?
SHANE: The judgment of God is poured out.
SID: Okay. What is the major reason that the judgment of God is poured out on a nation,
historically, at that 400-year cycle?
SHANE: Well one of the primary sins that is always evident at that 400 years is sexual
immorality. If you study every single major nation throughout the history of the world, they all
reach points of drastic decline and even destruction whenever the immorality had come to the
full. And it manifested itself in every single form of perversion that you can imagine. And that is
happening right now in America.
SID: The classic example I think of from the Bible is Sodom and Gomorra.
SHANE: Absolutely. Sodom and Gomorra. And America in many ways, in fact in my opinion,
has went way beyond Sodom and Gomorra.
SID: Now tell me about what God has shown you about the four winds.
SHANE: The Book of Revelation says there’s four angels that stand on the four corners of the
earth. These angels have control of four winds. These are not natural winds. These are spiritual
winds, but they manifest themselves in natural ways. Throughout world history, you study 4
history, you’ll find out there are four winds that always have shaped nations, controlled the
course of world history. One is the wind of war, another one is the wind of economy, another one
is the wind of religion, and the wind of politics. And these four winds are blowing. And God
began to show me these four winds are blowing all over the world at the same time, and they’re
escalating, Sid, and they’re creating for us the perfect storm. And the reason I say the perfect
storm is because God prophesied this storm is going to come to pass. So we know this is going to
happen. The scripture is clear that it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, this is not a popular
message right now in America.
SID: Is this happening right now?
SHANE: Absolutely. Look at the wars and the rumors of wars that are taking place all over the
globe. The Middle East, the wind of war is blowing. The wind of war, terrorism has
encompassed the entire globe. Every nation has been affected by the wind of war. What about
the wind of economics. You know, somebody who would have to be totally ignorant to world
events would say the wind of economics isn’t blowing. It’s not only blowing, it is storming
around the world. Entire nations’ economies are collapsing. Entire governments are on the verge
of bankruptcy. Just yesterday I read a report that 46 of our states in the union had $160 billion
shortfall last year in their budgets. America is on the brink of bankruptcy, and they’re sharing
with us a bunch of lies. It’s not true. We’re in trouble.
SID: Okay. God showed you seven attacks from the scriptures in previous nations. Pick two of
SHANE: Oh one of the mighty attacks upon nations, you know, in the Book of Revelation
there’s a mention of a seven-headed dragon. This seven-headed dragon, these seven heads
represent seven empires of world history. We can mark that with history. But what’s interesting,
each one of these heads, each one of these empires have a spirit that’s behind them. These spirits
are now working all in conjunction at the same time as the spirit of the Antichrist in the earth
right now. One of those great spirits is the spirit of Greece. The spirit of Greece was the changing
of laws to restrict religious freedom. The byword in the Grecian culture was, we need to be
understanding and tolerant. “Tolerant” was the word of the day.
SID: My goodness. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s the same spirits.
SHANE: Absolutely. There’s nothing new. And through tolerance they changed laws that
literally restricted people from worshiping God. What’s interesting, in Greece, every perversion
was acceptable. Every religion was acceptable. Every philosophy was acceptable except for one.
And that was the religion of Christianity and the naming of the name Jesus Christ.
SID: Very briefly, one more.
SHANE: Babylon is the spirit of confusion. And confusion comes upon nations. You know, I
heard from my own mouth, with my own ears from the mouth of politicians that they said they
never saw this economic collapse really coming. They don’t understand why we’re in the state
that we’re in. They’re absolutely baffled that nothing they’re doing is working. Entitlements5
doesn’t work. Stimulus money doesn’t work. Bail outs doesn’t work. Nothing is working. The
reason it isn’t is because the spirit of confusion is upon the land.
SID: I need you to listen very, very well about the future of America, about your future when we
come back. Don’t go away.
We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural
We now return to It’s Supernatural
SID: Hello. Sid Roth with Shane Warren. And Shane had a vision of the future of America.
Shane, tell me, let’s start out about the vision of the storm.
SHANE: Approximately a year or so ago I was setting on the couch. I thought I had fallen
asleep, when in reality I was in a vision, an open vision. I have a large screen television in my
living room. I was setting on the couch watching television. And again, I thought I was
dreaming. As I watched there was a weather broadcast that was on television. And there was a
news anchor who said, “The most amazing thing is going on right now. It’s tragic. It’s tragic.”
And they were building this news broadcast around this event. He said, “Normally hurricanes hit
on the coastal lines.” He said, “But there is a hurricane that seems to be spreading down or
coming across the heartland of America.” At that point he showed a satellite image of America.
And I was horrified as I watched a storm covering from the northern border to the southern
border, from east to west as this massive storm with the eye right over the center of America, a
hurricane coming across the center of America.
SID: How can that be?
SHANE: Well this is how I believed it happened. Immediately it came back to this anchor. The
anchor said, “We have somebody on the ground in the eye of the storm. We’re going to go to him
now.” They pitched it to a news reporter, this news reporter in the eye of the storm as you would
see it in a hurricane. The wind is blowing violently and they’re being tossed to and fro. He said,
“This is the most amazing thing. I don’t understand it. This is not a natural storm.” That was his
words. He said, “This isn’t normal.” He said, “Look at what it’s raining.” And he reached down
on the ground and he’s picking up and he holds in his hand a fist of $1 bills. He said, “This isn’t
natural. It’s raining dollar bills.” And the anchor and this correspondent went back and forth
about the meaning of these dollar bills. He said, “I don’t understand. It’s almost like they’re
worthless. They’re worthless.” It was raining dollars. About that time it came back to the anchor,
he said, “Ladies and gentleman, another tragedy has hit America.” He said, “Right in the
heartland on America on the New Madrid fault a major earthquake has just hit.” And
immediately pictures of devastation begin to pop up all over America, the heartland of America,
along the New Madrid fault, as earthquakes cause entire cities to crumble. And while I was 6
setting there I heard a booming voice in behind my ear that said, “They have divided my land.
Now I will divide their land.”
SID: And Leviticus says that Israel is God’s land. It actually says, “This is my land.”
SHANE: And the Word of God goes to prophesy, in Joel I believe it is, that if we divide His
land that God will divide our land. I never realized the prophetic implications of that. But I knew
immediately in my dream or in this vision that he was speaking about Israel, and specifically
Jerusalem, and all that’s going on right now. Which tells me that this dream that I’ve had and all o
of these issues that are going on with Israel and Jerusalem that’s taking place right now, Sid, it
tells me that this dream that I had is about to unfold, because I heard that. And I saw the
incredible changes in the prices of currency. I saw silver, not gold, but I saw silver begin to
drastically increase in value. Not gold, but silver. Which to me is against my natural thinking. I
don’t really, I’m not an economist. I’m a preacher.
SID: Well I can tell you this. Twenty years ago I had a dream. I’ve only had a few dreams in my
life in which God has come to me and spoken very, very, not symbolically, very clearly. And He
told me the same thing, and that’s one reason I’m really listening to what Shane is telling us. Go
SHANE: I saw with that riots begin to break out. Major cities all over America broke out in
riots. People were rioting in the streets. And on the sign is, “Give us our entitlements”. And it
was literally war. I mean, it looked like civil war within our borders. But it was all over the issue
of the devaluing of money. And then, Sid, immediately I was called up and I was setting in a
room with world leaders. I can tell you that China was there. Iran was there. Russia was there.
And here’s what’s amazing. Putin was there. And he just got reelected.
SID: So this is going to be soon.
SHANE: In my opinion, this is very soon.
SID: Or it might be taking place now, what you’re about ready to share.
SHANE: I believe it’s unfolding in the background. And I believe that the governments, world
governments, including America knows it’s getting there.
SID: What was going on with this meeting?
SHANE: In this meeting these world leaders were talking about how to devalue the currency of
America by buying oil on another currency, with another currency, and somehow or other that
would drive down the value of the American dollar. And when this happened I realized this
storm, as I’m setting here watching this, I woke up. And I realized I wasn’t in a dream. I was still
setting up on the couch. I was looking at the television and I realized this was an open vision that
God was showing me the storm that’s about to come to America. And for you listeners that are
watching right now, I’m telling you, you need to get ready and turn toward God. We are on
troubling days. 7
SID: Okay. What is the hope that you also were shown by God?
SHANE: Churches became cities of refuge.
SID: In other words, the government wasn’t helping people with need. Churches were helping
people with need.
SHANE: All of a sudden the body of Christ stood up like a mighty sleeping giant in the earth
and began to, I feel the anointing on me right now as I’m talking to you.
SID: Me, too.
SHANE: Began to minister. And people were coming to them. And I saw signs and wonders,
and miracles being poured out all over America. I saw America being shaken as the world
couldn’t go to the government any more. They had to come back to the church for help.
SID: What kind of glory did you see going on in the church?
SHANE: I saw literally like cities of refuge. Entire cities became cities of refuge where the
scripture talks about, “There was rain in one city and no rain in another city.” I saw that. People
were plunging into these cities because there was life there. There was glory there. The presence
of God was there. There was peace there, and they were running to that, and revival was taking
SID: What is, based on everything you’ve seen, the future of America? Are our best days ahead
of us or are we in judgment right now?
SHANE: I believe that we have a two-sided coin taking place. That on one hand, judgment is
beginning. That God has had His fill of immorality. That God has had His fill of complacency.
SID: And what’s the other side?
SHANE: The other side is this glorious outpouring. Always when judgment comes, it’s always
unto mercy. But Sid, I must clarify, I believe that we’re running out of time.
SID: Time is running short. Time. Look, you don’t know when your end is going to come. But
you only have this moment. And many of you are saying, I’ve got plenty of time. Well when this
shaking occurs, and it’s starting right now, you’re going to be saying, I thought I had more time.
You don’t. You don’t know when your end will come. Get right with God. Repent of your sins.
Believe the blood of Jesus has washed it clean, and make Jesus really your Lord. Really.

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