Posted by: rshalomw | April 15, 2013


My heart and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones and all those who have been injured. I pray that the Creator of the Universe will heal their bodies and minds. I was surprised that this kind of venue was attacked. As I watched the news, a thought came to my mind. I have studied Islam for years and know the threat it is to America. Tragically, the average American does not know the depth of this threat. I remember a mantra that Jihadists and Terrorists have and that is, that as much as we love life, they love death even more. Jihadists and Terrorists label America as the “GREAT SATAN, and Israel as the “LITTLE SATAN. Devout Muslims want to see Islam rule the World, and America and Israel are their foremost enemies ,because they stand in the way of that GOAL.


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