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The following article will sicken people who have a heart. As I stated in previous blogs and will state again, this is further evidence of the downward spiral of America. I pray that this Doctor will face Justice. Pray for his sick soul, for he was created in the image of the Creator, but has marred that Image atrociously:

Help Us Tell the World of Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors

Being Revealed Right Now at His
Historic Abortion Murder Trial —
And expose the abortion abuses that happen at abortion clinics around the nation every day!

Dear Friend,

It’s being called the Abortion Trial of the Century.

Kermit Gosnell, the “House of Horrors” abortionist, is on trial RIGHT NOW for the murder of seven infants and one abortion patient.

Gosnell’s grisly abortion mill was nicknamed the “Charnel House” by the investigators who finally took our complaints seriously. What the police found inside Gosnell’s building literally made them VOMIT!

What did the investigators find in that decrepit old building, just a block away from a major Philadelphia University?

In the midst of the unspeakable filth…

… the ancient rusty, blood-stained medical equipment,
…the dirty disposable surgical instruments that had been reused over and over,
…the leaking roof,
…and the stench of death and cat urine,

the police found stacks of dead bodies.

Do you remember those pictures of Jewish corpses from Nazi Germany? Remember how the bodies were stacked like cordwood? Now imagine the same thing – right here in a US abortion mill.

Except the dead bodies were not adults. They were precious little babies who were born alive.

Yes, Kermit Gosnell’s new abortion “technique” was to deliver babies alive, and then use surgical scissors to “snip” the spinal cord at the base of the babies’ necks. Gosnell even joked about killing the babies. He told his employees they would get a $20 “bonus” for every late-term abortion committed on their shift. He would even JOKE that some of these babies were so big that he could have walked them to the bus stop.

But Gosnell didn’t walk these children to the bus stop; instead, he sliced their throats and “snipped” their spinal columns.

And for the next 5-8 weeks Kermit Gosnell will stand trial for MURDER! Seven counts of murder for killing the children he aborted, and one more count of murder for killing his patient Karnamaya Monger, the mother of one of those babies.

You are not going to hear this on Fox News, or any other national media outlet for that matter. In fact, if you HAVE heard this story, chances are you first heard the news from Operation Rescue. We have exposed every sordid detail of this abortion “chop shop” from day one.

But the ONE thing WORSE than this House of Horrors is if the public doesn’t find out the truth of what happened at the Charnel House.

We can’t let the abortionist get away with this. Imagine if these murders are simply swept under the rug. These innocent babies will have died in vain – and the perpetrators will be allowed to kill again!

I can’t imagine Kermit Gosnell being acquitted of these terrible crimes – but it COULD happen. It could happen if we fail to apply massive pressure on the media and the public to tell the horrifying and heart wrenching story of God’s little ones.

We have seen murderers “walk” before. Remember OJ Simpson? Casey Anthony?

How can these despicable criminals get away with MURDER? It’s actually quite simple. I know this firsthand. I’m very familiar with the media because I’ve literally done thousands of media interviews over the last two decades.

In trials like these, each person (other than the pre-born babies) gets to tell their side of the story to the public and the side with the most passion usually wins.

I was at the OJ Simpson trial in Los Angeles. I watched as the vast crowd outside the courthouse threatened more riots if OJ wasn’t allowed to walk. The threats and intimidation worked – and OJ got away with murder.

Hey, I don’t like it but often times that is just the way it is!

And the “other side” is winning right now in Philadelphia. The abortion cartel is quietly injecting doubt into the minds of the judge and jurors. They’re claiming that Gosnell is a “victim” of the pro-life movement! (I know, it’s almost as bad as the “twinkie defense.”)

And if they sow seeds of “doubt,” the abortionist will go free. It’s as simple as one juror saying, “I’m not 100% sure he is guilty,” and wham, the House of Horrors doctor is back to killing babies the next day.

But I’m not going to let that happen. We have come so far in the pro-life movement – and Gosnell’s trial could be the final nail in the coffin of Roe vs. Wade. Once convicted, Gosnell will most certainly appeal – maybe even as far as to the US Supreme Court. That’s where he will lose and Roe vs. Wade could come crashing down with him!

But that won’t happen unless our side, (the winning side, the pro-life side) pours a massive amount of time, resources and energy into exposing the brutal facts of the case.

We must tell the babies’ story to the media, and we must be at the trial EVERY day, to report on the daily court activities.

But do you know how many pro-life people are in Philadelphia right now covering this trial?


Nobody except representatives of Operation Rescue. That’s right; on our meager budget we were able to put people in the courtroom. If you have seen ANY coverage on the Abortion Trial of the Century, it’s because Operation Rescue was able to be in the courtroom and get the word out to the public.

But we can’t continue to do this – because with hotel rooms, taxis, food, and media press releases it’s costing us about $400 per day to be at the trial.

And honestly, it’s about $400 dollars MORE per day than what I have in our budget. So my lead pro-life activist if flying home as I write this. And that will leave a vacuum of information on what is going on in the courtroom. It will leave a huge hole of information, a hole that will likely be filled by pro-abortion media like the Associated Press’s Mary Claire Dale, who called Gosnell “An Elegant Man” who “Smiled Softly” in court.


Is she serious? Would she have said the same of other serial killers? (That’s what you call someone like Gosnell who murders multiple people – a serial killer.)

Did the Associated Press call Jeffery Dahmer ELEGANT? What about Charles Manson – did he “smile softly” while in court????

Do you see what I’m saying here? If the pro-life movement doesn’t care enough about the conviction of this abortion serial killer to combat the liberal media then we will lose!

And then the babies will lose.

I want to make sure that doesn’t happen. I want to make sure we win this case that could destroy the footings of Roe v. Wade and expose the truth about abortion abuses that are so prevalent across the nation. So I’m asking you to make a sacrificial donation to Operation Rescue right now.

Here’s my guarantee. 100% of the funds given online will go to making sure Gosnell’s story – and more importantly the BABIES’ story – is told. I want to have someone at the trial every day, but I can’t without your help. (I can make this bold promise because online fundraising is virtually free.)

Maybe you could forward this email to a friend, and they could forward it, and it could become VIRAL. Together we could be the virtual “crowd” outside the courthouse, demanding justice to be served.

We need at least $400 per day to keep a pro-life reporter in the courtroom full time. Maybe you could give $400, or maybe $200 for half a day, even $35 or $10 will go a long way to getting the truth out about Kermit Gosnell.

You can give by clicking here or the donate button above

by using via

I seriously need your help immediately. Operation Rescue’s budget is not large enough to sustain this type of financial strain. We’ve done all we can do at this time. The trial is expected to last another 5-8 weeks. But we need the support right now to ensure the truth is told.

So I pray you will help – and I hope you will also pray for justice. This could be an amazing opportunity to win this War for the Unborn once and for all.

I’m your servant and a voice for the voiceless,

Troy Newman

P.S. Kermit Gosnell – the House of Horrors abortionist – is on trial RIGHT NOW for the murder of 7 infants and 1 abortion patient. But the abortion industry and the mainstream media are covering up the truth. The media even called Gosnell “elegant.” I call him a cold-blooded serial killer. Please help us combat the media lies and get the first murder conviction of an abortionist in 40 years! And when we win, the babies will win. God bless.
Read these types of stories on the trial here:
There isn’t a larger collection of news stories on Gosnell than here on the Operation Rescue site here:
Read the AP story calling Gosnell Elegant here:

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Gosnell Employee: ‘It would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place’
April 5, 2013 By Operation Rescue 3 Comments
By Cheryl Sullenger
Philadelphia, PA — Thursday, former Gosnell employee Steven Massof, gave shocking testimony concerning the inner workings of Gosnell’s shoddy abortion business. He described a chaotic office where conditions continuously degraded over the nine years he worked there.
Massof has been incarcerated since his arrest with Gosnell and seven others in 2011. He is a short, thin man, whose ill-fitting green prison jumpsuit seemed to swallow his slight frame. He appeared in court unshaven, his partially bald head sporting a large square bandage covering what he dubiously told bailiffs was the result of a slip on a ladder.
Massof spoke eerily in slow and deliberate manner, almost over-articulating his words. That, along with his “scuzzy” appearance made him appear creepy and –at least to this observer–somewhat revolting. He seemed to take an odd sarcastic glee in relating the illegal activities and filthy conditions under which he worked for approximately nine years.
Massof earned a degree in biology and chemistry and spent some time doing research in the field of immunology before attending medical school in the West Indies. After his graduation from St. George School of Medicine in Granada, Massof was unable to find a residency program that would accept him. He turned instead to the “bar and restaurant” industry to make ends meet.
Finally, Massof was introduced to Gosnell by a friend in the pharmaceutical industry. Gosnell offered Massof a “residency” in 2003, but failed to tell him that it was not a sanctioned program. Massoff was never licensed to practice medicine.
Massof received no pay at all for his first two weeks of work for Gosnell, who seemed to seek out those in desperate circumstances for employment, then exploit them by extracting maximum work for minimal pay. Massof testified he received a salary of only $200-$300 per week.
For the first couple of months of his employment, Massof shadowed Gosnell in his family practice in order to learn from Gosnell’s experience. After that, he began seeing the family practice patients without supervision. After Gosnell gave Massof a signed prescription pad, Massof remarked, “I got a lot more patients coming to me.”
Massof testified that he had an interest in abortion and a curiosity about it. To become more involved in the abortion part of Gosnell’s business, Massof began “helping move patients around” from one area of the clinic to the next. Later he began doing first trimester procedures and eventually took on the “second tris,” testifying that he saw over 100 babies born alive who had their necks snipped in what he said was “literally a beheading. It is separating the brain from the body.”
During busy times, when the women were given drugs to induce contractions all at once, Massof told the court that “it would rain fetuses. Fetuses and blood all over the place.”
“I felt like a firemen in hell. I couldn’t put out all the fires,” he said.
Massof said he quit his job at Gosnell’s clinic after a dispute with the father of Ashley Baldwin, a 15-year old girl who helped with abortion procedures at the clinic. His relationship with Ashley seemed odd and there was uneasy the impression that there was more to it than the inappropriate jesting that Massof related to the court.
“He threatened to beat me within an inch of my life,” Massof said of his altercation with Ashley’s father. “I ran away as fast as I could.”
Massof also referred to each of the mug shots displayed on the wall of all Gosnell’s employees and told the court the duties of each one.
He told the court that Elizabeth Hampton, who testified before him, was the women who would help “hold down the women” who were uncooperative during abortion procedures.
“This statement was troubling to say the least and begs the question of whether some of these abortions were forced. This is a more common practice at American abortion clinics that most people would think. We have on file statements from many women who have suffered forced abortions under similar circumstances to those described by Massof,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
Massof is currently a Federal Prison inmate awaiting sentencing on 30 Federal drug charges stemming from his work at Gosnell’s “House of Horrors,” to which he pled guilty as part of a plea agreement. He also made a second plea agreement with local prosecutors, entering guilty pleas on three counts of third degree murder. He will be sentenced in both Federal and State courts after the Gosnell trial and could receive leniency based on the quality of his cooperation and testimony.
Earlier in the day, a teary Elizabeth Hampton, the self-described sister-in-law of accused murderer Kermit Gosnell concluded her emotional testimony, telling the court that she took the plea bargain in order to try to correct the mess that she made by lying about events surrounding the death of Karnamaya Monger.
Monger pled guilty to perjury and faces the possibility of 15 years in prison, but will likely receive less time in exchange for her testimony against Gosnell, who is charged with third degree murder in Mongar’s death and with seven counts of first degree murder for killing babies born alive during his shoddy late-tn abortions by snipping their spinal cords through the Backs of their necks with surgical scissors.
Hampton admitted she lied to the FBI when questioned during a raid on Gosnell’s clinic in February, 2010. She told agents as Mongar was being loaded into an ambulance for transport to a nearby hospital he spoke with one of Mongar’s adult daughters. Hampton later admitted she lied when she said that Mongar’s daughter spoke English very well. Hampton said she “was storying” when she told agents that the daughter said that Mongar had taken many pills prior to going to the clinic for the abortion in an effort to self abort her 19 week pre-born baby.
Hampton late repeated that same story during Grand Jury testimony given under oath. The Grand Jury late charged Hampton with perjury.
Gosnell’s defense attorney Jack McMahon attempted to lead the jury to believe that the perjured testimony was likely the truth, but Judge Jeffery P. Minehart specifically instructed the jury that the story about the pills was an admitted lie for which Hampton voluntarily entered a guilty plea and could not be considered as factual. McMahon expressed utter disagreement with the judge and later lodged a formal objection against the judge’s instructions for the record, but outside of the jury’s presence.
Hampton is the “foster sister” of Pearl Gosnell, Kermit’s wife. That relationship deepened until Hampton became so dependent on Gosnell that she found it impossible to walk away. She began renting a house from him where her common law husband, daughter and four grandchildren lived. She tried to walk away from her job at Gosnell’s clinic a number of times, but was repeatedly drawn back, first out of obligation, and later out of threats made by Pearl to evict them from their home. To this day, Hampton and her family still reside in the Gosnell-owned house, living there rent-free.
So far, of the three employees that have testified against Gosnell, Hampton, and Adrienne Moton, have all appeared to have suffered personally and emotionally from their work at what the Grand Jury referred to as a “charnel house.” Massof, on the other hand, appeared almost emotionally detached, yet coldly remorseful. He related grisly details in a way that gave the appearance that he may have thought there was some sick humor in his horrific experiences, but that the joke was really on him.
Testimony is expected to continue on Monday with another former Gosnell employee, Sherry West, who was present during the medial emergency in 2009 that led to the overdose death of Karnamaya Mongar.
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