Posted by: rshalomw | April 4, 2013


One call tell how far America is slipping when baby girls are being killed just because they are baby girls. The ignoring of right and wrong produces despicable consequences. I challenge you to watch the following Video and you will see proof that this is occurring in America. If you don’t speak out against this, then one day they will come for you.


We?ve been sleeping much too long, now the night is come
By the time, we wiped the sleep from our eyes so much damage done
The number of unborn children slaughtered unknown
Tell me who?ll be the next to go?

Now didn?t we learn anything at all from Hitler?s Germany?
When babies and Jews and the old folks too met eternity
From abortion to infanticide now wouldn?t you know
The old folks are next to go
Hmm, don?t you know
Maybe your folks are next to go

Technocracy can be a wonderful thing?if you?re a technocrat
Just as long as you?re sitting on top of the heap, well your where it?s at
But the aged, the blind and disabled stay out of their way
Hemlock Society?s paving the way

And while we?ve been debating theology, they?ve been working hard
While we?re building our crystal cathedrals, their still working hard
So wake up sisters and brothers, this isn?t a show
Or we?ll be the next to go
Oh, don?t you know, we?ll be the next to go
What will you do?
What will you do?
When they finely come for you?
Who?ll be the next?
There?ll be no place to run and hide
What will you do?
Who?ll be the next to go?


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