Posted by: rshalomw | March 16, 2013


Far too many Preachers this day are preaching with a fury, but what they are preaching is what the problem is. In our modern age, preaching that shows the abysmal state of a sinner is hardly preached. “Do Not Judge” is a mantra lost people use against people who are set apart for the Creator of the Universe. “Do not Judge” is completely taken out of context. That Verse is warning against people judging another when thy are practicing the same sin they are judging a person for. The verse is warning about hypocrisy. The following poem by a Ministry Leader hits the mark perfectly:

Cootchie, cootchie, cootchie-coo,
God loves me and God loves you!
Smile sinner, don’t be sad;
God’s not angry; He’s not mad.
Even when you leave the path,
There’s no hell and there’s no wrath.
So don’t you fear, just do your best.
Judgment Day won’t be a test.
God sees your heart and that’s enough.
The Judgment Seat won’t be that tough.
For you can’t sin away His grace
Or take that smile from His face.
’Cause God is love and love is good:
He’ll treat you like you think He should!
Just trust me, sinner, to the end.
My name is Satan, I’m your friend.


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