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The Islamic World is ever at work to have Hate Laws pass that would criminalize criticism of Islam. It is extremely dangerous when people want to silence others because they do not agree with what they say. The Islamic World hates Truth and they want to have only their version allowed. This reminds me of elementary school children and how they react to criticism. Do you remember: Johnny said!, Billy said!, Mary said!. It is only a juvenile who demands that they be free from criticism. People need to grow up!. Doing bodily damage to another person is an act that demands criminal status, not the use of free speech. Islamophobia is a term that was created by the Islamic World to silence Truth. Do not be deceived by this cunning act by the Islamic World to silence Free Speech. If Muslims in America are miserable because they can’t make American into their image, they need to leave America, and go back to an Islamic Nation. Americans shed their blood for Freedom and Liberty to reign in America, I pray that it will not have been shed in vain.

Jesus taught to Love your enemies, and do good to those who hate you. Islam has no understanding of this teaching and can only respond back in vengeance. Jesus also taught that one is Blessed when people say evil things about you. Pray that Muslims will come to know the Love of the Messiah and turn from false beliefs.

Check this information out:

Visit our News page

“Americans United to Defend Free Speech”

Please sign our Open Letter to Congress and the State Legislatures!

Most Americans have never heard of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).

They’ve never heard of UN Resolution 16/18.

They’re unaware that Europeans have been charged—and even been convicted—for speaking out against the threat of radical Islam.

They don’t know that a survey found that 6 in 10 Muslims in America believe criticism of Islam and Muhammad SHOULD BE PROHIBITED.

Or that 45% of American Muslims surveyed believe that those who criticize Islam should face criminal charges.

These are not Muslims in Saudi Arabia. They’re our neighbors here in America.

Last night, in a national webcast, we announced “Americans United to Defend Free Speech.”

Guy Rodgers, ACT! for America Executive Director, documented a long list of threats to free speech, which can be seen on our website.

But the most organized threat—UN Resolution 16/18—is actually getting help from our own State Department. (See the Forbes article, “Could You Be a Criminal? US Supports UN Anti-Free Speech Measure.”)

A recent headline in a Saudi Gazette article makes it clear how the OIC views UN Resolution 16/18: “OIC gears up to get denigration of religions criminalized.”

There is a rapidly growing chorus demanding the muzzling of free speech, both internationally and in America.

This is why we have launched “Americans United to Defend Free Speech.”

Step One of this effort is our Open Letter to Congress and the State Legislatures.

This letter calls on Congress and the state legislatures to introduce and pass resolutions opposing the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18.

Over the next few months, we need tens of thousands of concerned citizens to sign this letter.

Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands would be even better.

We need to awaken people everywhere. And we need to show our elected officials that we are dead serious about opposing this threat to our First Amendment right of free speech.

For some time now ACT! for America has been monitoring the growing worldwide demand to suppress speech that supposedly “defames” or “offends” Islam.

This demand to criminalize free speech can no longer be ignored.

We can’t ring the alarm bells loudly enough.

Please don’t assume that the restrictions on speech that exist in Europe or Canada can’t ever happen here.

Join us today for Step One of our campaign to oppose the criminalization of free speech by signing our Open Letter.

Then forward it to everyone you know.

And stay tuned!

Thank you.


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The OIC’s goal is to use UN Resolution 16/18 to pressure countries to criminalize speech deemed “offensive” to Islam. (See this article in the Saudi Gazette.)

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