Posted by: rshalomw | March 8, 2013


President Obama is slapping victims of 9/11 while he sends money to the Muslim Brotherhood. This action is the height of a complete disregard for the Constitution of the United State. Sinners and fools made sure President Obama was given a second term and you are now witnessing the fruit of their actions. The following report will give you the details:

With the Sequester, the Obama Administration is taking $27 million from the 9/11 Victim’s Fund even while it gives Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt a cash infusion of $250 million.
In other words, the American victims of terrorism are making financial sacrifices while the ideological fathers of modern jihad are getting an economic stimulus – at U.S. taxpayer expense.
It’s hard to imagine a more foolish and hurtful use of taxpayer money.
Our government must wake up. Make your voice heard. We know our budget must be cut, but before the victims of terrorism make sacrifices – before our military makes sacrifices – the Muslim Brotherhood must be cut off.
Jihadists should get nothing from American taxpayers.
Egypt’s Christians are begging our government not to support their oppressors. We must stand with them. We must stand with our own families.
Sign the Petition to Sequester the Muslim Brotherhood. WWW.ACLJ.ORG
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel
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