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Are Christians ready for the greatest move of God since the original followers of Jesus walked this earth. Are you ready to see miracles that were manifested in the Book of Acts. I encourage you to read the following and you will understand how this can occur:


Anti Christ Exposed4
Table of Contents
Part One Restoring The Original Blueprint 7
Part Two The Spirit of Truth-The Key for Revival 11
Part Three Revolution 15

Part Four Why MAP? 18
Part Five Why is a Revolution needed? 20
Part Six Some Revolutionary ideas 23
Part Seven Replacement Theology 26
Part Eight Exposed The Fruit of Religion 47
– No Sheep Nations
Part Nine Uprooting the Tree of Death 58
Part Ten Revocation of the Council of Nicea 63
Closure 70 5
I chose the word REVOLUTION rather than Reformation,
Transformation or Revival because the word REVOLUTION
contains all of these. The End Time MAP Movement is a
REVOLUTION and only when we see it as such will we be
able to flow with it and with its Originator- the Almighty
Himself! Just as The Jewish People are coming back from 2000
years of exile, so is The Body of Y’shua coming back “home” to
The Hebrew Foundations of faith, after 1600 years of forced
exile since The Council of Nicea in the year 325.
For End Time Revival
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman PhD
President- Kad-Esh MAP Ministries
Jerusalem, Israel 6
This book is dedicated with all my heart to all Bishops,
Pastors, Leaders and Ministers of the Body of Messiah, I hope
and pray we will all be courageous enough to partake of the
MAP Revolution and lead it… for the sake of humanity and
for the glory of The Most High God!7
Part One
Since The Azuza Street Revival in 1906 there is a variant that
we have to reckon with if we are to see the next wave of
Revival- Israel has come back to life. The Jewish People are
again living in their own Promised Land after 2000 years of
painful exile and Jerusalem is again its capital. There are more
Jewish believers in Israel today than at any time in history
apart from the First Century. Any revival now will be
contingent on how the International Community of believers
relates to Israel and all that Israel represents – A Holy People
and The Holy Book.

For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their
acceptance be but life from the dead? Romans 11:15
As we can see, the acceptance of The Jews and their restoration
is LIFE from the DEAD to the Church and to the world. That is
Fly with me in your spirit to the Book of The Acts of The
Apostles and to that time period. Imagine that emerging
congregation of Jewish disciples with their zeal, their passion,
their devotion and their holiness. Imagine them worshipping
The Messiah with their hearts enraptured in His Love,
attentive to every word and ready to fulfill every command,
even martyrdom if necessary. Imagine the anxious expectation
of all the sick and oppressed in Jerusalem who from very early
in the morning were waiting for Peter or one of the 12 to pass
by, just so that their shadow could cover them and heal them.
Imagine being so anointed and empowered by The Spirit, The
Ruach Adonai, that even your shadow would cause healing 8
and transformation wherever you go! Imagine the faith and
the boldness to speak the Truth to their own people with no
fear of men, being willing to be punished and beaten if
needed. Imagine the LOVE and the URGENCY, the PASSION
that inspired them…
And now fly higher in your imagination and see The
Community of believers in Jerusalem who were all Jewish
believers at first. They knew The Holy Scriptures and knew
The Commandments. Remember that the Fear of God in that
Community and the Holiness and the Purity were so great that
a person found breaking the commandment of “you shall not
lie” died in the presence of the Apostle because of breaking a
financial vow. Anannias and Saphiras were carried out by the
young men with no regrets as they had OFFENDED THE
Then Peter said to her, “Why is it that you have agreed together to
put the Spirit of Yahveh to the test? Behold, the feet of those who
have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you
out as well.” And immediately she fell at his feet and breathed her
last, and the young men came in and found her dead, and they
carried her out and buried her beside her husband. And great fear
came over the whole church, and over all who heard of these things.
Acts 5:9-11
Breaking The Father’s Commandments brought INSTANT
death as it TESTED THE HOLY SPIRIT! The Holy Spirit was
their guide, their “Torah Teacher” (Instructor in the laws and
ways of The Father). The Holy Spirit led them into ALL
TRUTH! Lies were not acceptable!
Imagine the awesome LOVE that possessed that Community
where all shared together their finances and their possessions 9
and all trusted the Apostolic Leadership to feed them both
physically and spiritually. The Apostles distributed the funds
as The Spirit of Holiness showed them and NOT ONE
LACKED! Imagine the unity, the accountability, the
submission to trusted authority. All that without
compromising Holiness and The Commandments of The
Father just like Yeshua never compromised Truth but rather
walked in TRUTH and OBEDIENCE- He is THE TRUTH!
Let us continue our spiritual flight back to The First
Community of Jewish Believers 2000 years ago,
Imagine the AWE, the SIGNS, the WONDERS , the LOVE, the
BETWEEN THEM ALL. Jerusalem had never seen anything
like this before! The Holy City was in REVIVAL and new
disciples were added to their numbers daily. The Community
of believers rejoiced as they broke bread from house to house
and those outside of the Faith honored and feared them. They
were impacting their Israeli society at all levels!
This was the original “church” or Community of Believers and
as with all “first things” they belong to Yahveh (The Lord).
They also show us an example to follow and a pattern to
imitate. This First Community (or Early Church as many call
it) of Believers was mostly if not entirely Jewish. Why is this so
important? Because when we find the BLUEPRINT of a
building, we can then proceed to RESTORE it. The blueprint of
The True Church is based on The Holy Scriptures as revealed
to Israel with all of God’s laws and commandments and His
instructions on how to live for His Glory on this earth.
Today the 21st
Century Church is celebrating 100 years since
The Azusa Street Revival which changed the Body of Messiah
and transformed it in The Power of The Holy Spirit. He has
been freshly poured out over these last 100 years in order to 10
House can be built ; the nations can be saved; Israel can be
restored and Y’shua’s Bride can be ready for His return.
For us to go into the NEXT phase of REVIVAL we need to
remove ALL that has hindered The Holy Spirit’s Work.
Since He came to lead us into all TRUTH, we must embrace
TRUTH and reject all lies which are the product of the Father
of Lies- Satan himself! Restoring the original Blueprint is
nothing short of a REVOLUTION as it will lead us to
OVERTHROW all the lies that we have inherited throughout
1900 years of a deadly theology called Replacement Theology.
This was established as LAW in the 4th
Century Church
through an Ecumenical Council, called The Council of Nicea.
The FRUIT of this council has been:
1. The loss of the Original Blueprint- The Hebrew Holy
2. The quenching of the work of The Holy Spirit
3. Anti Semitism and hatred of Jews and anything labeled
4. Lawlessness and lack of Holiness in the Community of
The next phase of Holy Spirit Revival will take us through
REPENTANCE which in Hebrew means to TURN or to
RETURN BACK TO THE ORIGINAL. True repentance leads
to RESTORATION. Everything that quenches The Holy
Spirit must be discarded. Our utmost desire needs to be to
embrace The Spirit of Truth and Holiness TOGETHER with
all His outworking* and miraculous manifestations. We
need ALL OF HIM!11

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