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A watchdog group just rated Israel as the only Free State in the Mid East. Some people would say that is not news, but the Muslims in the Middle East do not know this because they have no concept of freedom. Freedom in their mind is to be enslaved to Islam. The following article will give more information:

Israel Ranked the Only Free State in Middle East
While the world’s media continues to publish stories about the oppressiveness of the Jewish state, the latest report by Freedom House, a US-based democracy watchdog organization, states that Israel remains the only free country in the Middle East.

Both Jewish and Arab skiers and snowboarders enjoy a day atop Mount
Hermon at Israel’s only ski resort.  It is 75 degrees at the bottom of the mountain
(warm sun tanning weather) and 32 degrees at the top which is cold enough for
there to be snow.  It is the only place in Israel where there is snow, and the
snow season on the mountain can last for 2-3 months.
The report entitled “Freedom in the World 2013” examines the state of freedom throughout the world.  It also evaluates the impact of the so-called “Arab Spring” as well as uprisings in the Middle East and other areas. 
While it highlights possible future threats to free speech and civil rights in Israel, the report said many attempts to limit them have been defeated.
“In recent years, controversies have surrounded proposed laws that threatened freedom of expression and the rights of civil society organizations,” the report reads.
“In most cases, however, these measures have either been quashed by the government or parliament, or struck down by the Supreme Court.”

Arab children fly kites near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.
The report classified the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as “not free.”
Of the nations in the study, 47 were designated not free.  Of these, nine were given the survey’s lowest possible ranking on both political rights and civil liberties, including Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria.
While the prospect of freedom still looks dim in the rest of the Middle East, the openness of Israeli society was demonstrated in the recent election where Israeli Arab voter turnout actually increased by three points to 56 percent.
“The high voting rates reflect the will of the Arab public to take part in the Israeli political process,” said a recent report by The Abraham Fund Initiatives, an NGO promotingcoexistence and equality among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens.  (Jpost)
Israeli Arabs withheld the vote from the Arab parties they don’t trust and in many cases voted for the new right of center party HaBayit HaYehudi (The Jewish Home) led by Naftali Bennett, a man dedicated to holding on to land he considers to be part of the biblical 


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