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Did George Orwell foresee the upcoming inauguration of President Obama? You will know the answer to the question when you read the following article:

Dear Friends,

Do you know what time it is in America? Please take a minute and read my latest article, and I believe you will agree with me that a great — and rude! — awakening is our one and only hope. God can do it!

An Inauguration to Make George Orwell Proud

It was bad enough for the White House to disinvite a pastor from praying at President Obama’s inauguration because he expressed orthodox Christian views in a sermon delivered almost 20 years ago. But to disinvite him in order to reflect “this administration’s vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans” is enough to make George Orwell proud. Talk about a classic example of doublespeak!

To be sure, Orwell never used the term doublespeak, but in his classic volume 1984, he referred to “doublethink” and “newspeak.” Others have combined these terms into doublespeak, meaning to say one thing and mean the opposite. As noted on a contemporary Orwell website, “In 1984, when BIG BROTHER and the Party say PEACE they mean WAR, when they say LOVE they mean HATE, and when they say FREEDOM they mean SLAVERY.”

Today, in 2013, when this administration says “inclusion and acceptance of all Americans,” it means “exclusion and rejection of multiplied tens of millions of Americans.” And when this administration uses the word diversity, it means, “narrow conformity,” in strict accordance with the Gay Activist Doublespeak Lexicon, as reflected in the comments of Addie Whisenant, spokeswoman for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. CONTINUE READING :

*One important note: Over the weekend, I rediscovered a 16-hour teaching series on revival that I recorded a few years back. We have put it together as part of a special resource package on revival. Click HERE to find out more.

Thanks so much for standing with me during my time in Hong Kong teaching Chinese pastors and leaders from the mainland. We had a truly wonderful time together in the Lord. Jesus is King!

In Him,

Dr. Michael L. Brown


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