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The Fiscal Cliff Tax Bill that was recently passsed by Democrats and Republicans and after you read the two articles you will understand why they should be in prison. These people are senseless when it comes to Economics:

Hollywood Gets the Reel Deal in Cliff Bill

Some folks have a tradition of eating pork on New Year’s Day–but in Congress, they prefer passing pork. As part of the sweeping, 150-page tax deal reached yesterday, members proved they were just as intent on avoiding financial responsibility as they were the fiscal cliff. It seems the bill that was supposed to extend our tax rates also extended billions of dollars to the Democrats’ closest pals. Today, while 77.1% of households watch their taxes skyrocket, the President’s friends are toasting the goodies tucked away in the bill’s fine print. The Democrats’ belated Christmas presents included $430 million in tax perks for Hollywood, $331 million for railroad operators, $222 million for Puerto Rico and Virgin Island rum producers, $70 million for NASCAR, $59 million for algae growers, $4 million for electric motorcycle makers, and even $15 million for asparagus growers. If this is what President Obama calls a “step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy,” Americans had better buckle up.
Unfortunately, the billions in liberal back-scratching are probably the least of voters’ concerns in Congress’s new compromise. Without any real spending cuts or entitlement reform, this deal doesn’t begin to address the country’s fiscal problems–and, in many cases, may actually exacerbate them.
For starters, the legislation takes direct aim at married couples, saddling many of these homes with hundreds of dollars of new penalties. Though details are not clear yet, in effect, the deal leaves joint tax filers with less than twice the standard deduction for individuals. It’s a ridiculous proposition, especially since the family the greatest generator of human capital–and thus, one of the biggest engines of economic growth. Discouraging marriage only creates more government dependence (something FRC’s Ken Blackwell and Henry Potrykus explain at length in their new op-ed).
On top of the tax hikes for individuals and couples making more than $400,000 and $450,000, the middle class (which the President promised to spare) will see a chunk of their paychecks disappear. The Social Security tax jumped by 2%, and that means Americans can expect to take home anywhere from $50 to $189 less each month. Add that to the wave of ObamaCare taxes starting in 2013, and suddenly, the legislation doesn’t seem like such a good deal after all.
Of course, members like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) cheered the bargain as a “happy start to the New Year.” Like some Republicans, she believes the bill’s $25.1 billion in spending cuts is something to be proud of. And it would be–if Congress hadn’t increased spending by $330 billion in the same bill.
Obviously, President Obama has no intention of addressing Washington’s out-of-control spending. And by voting for this package, 346 members of the House and Senate are giving the green light to finance his liberal agenda and stick taxpayers and their children with the bill. That’s a nice how-do-you-do for the next Congress, which is not only inheriting the debt crisis, but the messy negotiations over the military’s budget. Under Tuesday’s compromise, leaders tried to avoid another fight by kicking the sequestration can two months down the road, ensuring that the headaches of this deal linger long after the Congress that passed it.


The world has changed, my fellow patriots, in more ways than one. On the one hand, we have Americans more engaged than ever before in political dialogue to educate themselves and let their voice be heard through the powerful mechanism of social media. On the other, we have an elite political class that operates with an obvious disdain for this voice, constantly going counter against what is best for America and the economic, and other, freedom of its people.
When then candidate Barack Obama won the election for the presidency in 2008, many people attributed it to the powerful presence that he had in social media. It was the first year that the burgeoning new technology had the opportunity bigger than it even realized…..playing a role in the future via the influence in election outcome. What that presence got us was a president that was constantly on the attack……an attack against our Constitution, our freedom, our very way of life. His influence in this media also had another very critical and powerful outcome…..the birth of’s dedication to spread the conservative tea party message via social media. Recent statistics show that we are winning the social media battle. We may have won that battle, but the war is not over. Help us fight this war HERE!
Many of you know that is the left’s poster child for spreading their message. It was formed during the Clinton years in an effort to convince people to “move on” beyond the revelation of Clinton’s transgressions that were revealed during the Lewinsky saga. They have since used this organization to go on the attack against the conservative principles upon which this country was based. As we lead up to the election, blew out of the water using the social media powerhouse mechanism of Facebook…..and our dominance in that avenue continues today.
In the month of September 2012, our organization was #1 in Facebook engagements, according to statistics by the group Digital Landscape, and was #2. We had 1.4 million active engagements to’s 656,000. Our market share number at 45.6% doubled’s of 21.23%

Regardless of what you believe about social media, it is a powerful force that is only getting stronger and it is an area in which we must thrive in our effort to reach the youth and take back the culture. maintains a powerful presence on Facebook to this day with a weekly total reach of over 9 million people! Stand with us in working to infuse our culture with much needed conservatism HERE.
Despite this powerful statement, despite you using your voice in support of what we do to send a message to Congress that you are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, the cowards in Congress continue to show that they view us as serfs and view your hard earned money as automatically belonging to them first… should just be happy that they allow you to keep some.
Monday and Tuesday, Congress and President Obama demonstrated how they really view Americans. They view us as cattle. They view us as work horses. They view us as economic slaves to an already bloated government who refuses to live within its means.
Yesterday, when the Senate voted on a bill that would create $1 in spending cuts for every $41 in tax increases, we only had EIGHT….count them….EIGHT….Republican Senators who voted against this enslavement with your economic freedom in mind.
As I sit writing this email to you, I learned that this monstrosity just passed in the House. The roll call on the Republican side of the aisle has the following count: 151 voted no, 5 were cowards and voted present, 85, yes that is EIGHTY-FIVE Republican Congressman voted YES. As for GOP Speaker John Boehner? He voted FOR it!
This new law will not only increase spending, it will also increase taxes. This is exactly the opposite of what Republicans were supposedly fighting for! It is a slap in the face to hard working Americans who are already carrying the government on their backs at the sacrifice of their families and their economic security.
We would expect this from the progressive left who have demonstrated loudly their desire to transform America into a failed European Socialist society. However, our elected officials on the right are supposed to stand against taxes and work towards a smaller, constitutionally limited government. They have made their choice, now we will make ours. We will fight against them. We will work to expose their blatant hypocrisy and disdain for the American people and the dream which we all strive to achieve. But, we need your help.
I know money is tight and for 77% of Americans, it is about to get even more tight thanks to a corrupt, dangerously egotistical government. But, if we don’t continue this fight…….our economic situation will get even worse. Whatever you can sacrifice…whether it is a daily latte, a weekly meal out, or a movie outing….we promise you to be good stewards of your financial assistance as we continue this fight for this great experiment that we love….the United States of America.

Fighting for you,

Jennifer Burke
Social Media Director
the tea


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