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The following article will be another eye opener to events that are occurring in these last days.  You do not want to be caught unaware of what is happening and not know how to be prepared



Do you think it is just a coincidence that Rick Warren (the Illuminati puppet) and the Catholic Church are firing back this week in the news at Jamie Foxx for calling Barack Obama the Savior?

No, this is not a coincidence. This has all been carefully contrived. It is all a big game to make Barack Obama look like the Antichrist, meanwhile, the bigger Antichrist is the Pope! You see, the beast with “ten horns and seven heads” (the Vatican) has another beast as their “front-man” or decoy which is the beast with “two horns” (America). The “two horns” of America are the Democrat & Republican political powers. America is the decoy beast in order to distract people from seeing that there is an even bigger beast—the papacy! See the 13th chapter of Revelation. Don’t you find it rather odd that all in the same week, Jamie Foxx announced that Barack Obama is “our Lord and Savior?” While at the same time, on November 28th 2012, some serious vibrations took place along the Madrid Fault-line causing a massive sink hole? A large sinkhole formed on Wednesday November 28th near Dover, Ohio, about 60 miles south of Cleveland the size of four football fields. This could soon cause a strong earthquake along this fault-line in the areas of Missouri, Ohio, Illinios, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana & Arkansas. The Illuminati are planning some kind of disaster for 12.21.2012 on “Doom’s Day” for their Mayan Calendar Occult agenda. HAARP technology is able to manufacture hurricanes like Hurricane Sandy by dumping chemicals into the clouds via airplanes during a storm. They also know how to manufacture sink holes and earthquakes with electro-magnetic frequencies!

They obviously have this planned on the “Winter Solstice” which is the day that the occult world celebrates the death of their pagan sun-deities. And then on December 25th, on the “rebirth of the sun” they have something up their sleeve with introducing their new reincarnated “sun-deity” on “The Mass of Christ.” What are they planning? Well, they want to open up the bottomless pit and bring up the fallen angels and Nephillim to unleash the powers of darkness upon the earth! Are the Illuminati planning to crown Barack Obama as their new reincarnated sun-god on December 25th? The real beast (the papacy) always has a “decoy beast” to throw everyone off!

On July 20th 1933, Pope Pius XII signed the Reichskonkordat which ultimately would place Adoph Hitler into power to implement the Holocaust.

On July 7th 2009 Pope Benedict XVI signed an agreement called the “Charity in Truth” encyclical which gives the Pope absolute global political authority.

Together, Pope Benedict XVI & Barack Obama implemented the “New World Order.”

Is it now beginning to make sense? Are you connecting all the dots yet? Do you now see why Barack Obama is forming a private army of FEMA camp workers akin to Hitler’s Youth? Why is this all coming out in the news media this week? Listen to part 2 of Maria’s teaching on “Twelve Identifiers of the Beast.”

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