Posted by: rshalomw | November 30, 2012


It is so tragic how Christians don’t realize how the Jesus they present looks like a False Prophet to Jewish People.  Western thinking is very troubling and dangerous to an Eastern mindset. Salvation is by repentance and faith, but how to live a life pleasing to the Father comes from the teachings of Jesus, which are not in violation of  TORAH.  The fact that so few people have read this as of November 29, 2012 is proof of how deep the deception is.  The following article will help you to see Truth:

The Torah itself clearly states in many places that its laws are eternal, never to be abolished. And even the Christians acknowledge that the Jewish Bible is the word of God. If the Torah is eternal and Jesus himself claims to have no intention of abolishing or changing it, why do the Christians [disregard the commandments] …which are clearly spelled out in the Torah? (Pinchas Stolper, The Real Messiah).

Is Jesus A False Prophet?

Deuteronomy 13. A prophet is a spokesperson for God. Prophets are often asked to verify their authenticity with a particular sign or wonder. Deuteronomy 13 warns us that even if the would-be prophet’s sign or wonder does succeed and his prediction does come to pass, he might still be a false prophet. Signs and wonders are not the final proof. If the prophet attempts to dissuade you “from the way in which the LORD your God commanded you to walk,” (13:5) you are to disregard him as a false prophet. The way in which God commanded us to walk is the Torah and its commandments. Deuteronomy warns us that we must not listen to such a prophet, even if his ministry comes with amazing signs and wonders. Instead, we are to “follow the LORD…keep His commandments, listen to His voice…” (13:4)

If the would-be prophet counsels us to break any of the commandments, he must be deemed a false prophet. For example, an alleged prophet who declared that God had sanctioned an adulterous relationship can be immediately identified as a false prophet because He has contradicted Torah. God cannot contradict Himself.

Moses says that a false prophet might be allowed to perform signs and wonders in order to test Israel’s fidelity to Torah. The Master warns us that “false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders.” (Matthew 24:24)

Sadly, the traditional understanding and presentation of the Christian Jesus is that he was a prophet (and more than a prophet), attested by signs and wonders, but that he also cancelled the Torah. Such a person fits Deuteronomy 13’s description of a false prophet perfectly. According to Deuteronomy, conversion to faith in such a person would be a violation of God’s own commandments. Thus Judaism rightly rejects him. Yet the real Yeshua of the Gospels is not such. He is a prophet (and more than a prophet) attested to by signs and miracles, who called Israel to submit their lives to the highest standards of Torah.

This explains why His opponents among the Judean leadership labored so hard to find some way of demonstrating that He was a breaker of Torah. If they could prove that He was teaching against Torah, they could invalidate His claims. They were unable to do so. Nevertheless, we have consistently presented Him as a prophet teaching against the Torah. We need to rethink this. A Messiah that breaks Torah and teaches others to do so is no Messiah at all.


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