Posted by: rshalomw | November 29, 2012


Many people in the World do not know Arabic and are getting a different perspective when they watch demonstrations for regime changes in the Arab World.  A perfect  example is when demonstration were occurring in Egypt the people were chanting a phrase in Arabic that stated their true intent that went far beyond so-called “freedom”.  Maruna means “flexibility”,  which sanctions deceptions and lying.  They were chanting on ‘Victory Day”   “To JERUSALEM WE MARCH, MARTYRS BY THE MILLIONS”.   Is this what “freedom” means in their mindset.  The following Video will further explain this issue:

Walid Explains “Maruna and the Issues of Iran and Arabia from the Bible”

by shoebatFoundation•9 months ago•9,415 views Thanks to our friends at for recording the clip for us:


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