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Many Christians see terms in the Bible and do not research where these terms originated.  Most Christians do not know how to study their Bibles and consequently do not comprehend  the complete meaning.  Many Christians take Bible verses out of context and do not read entire chapters or  understand the cultural context of the Bible.  I was also guilty of this faulty way of Scripture study, but now thanks to the Lord that is no longer the case.  Remember that the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic  and then translated to Greek, and then to Latin, and finally to English.  People miss so much  when they do not understand the Cultural idioms , or what it meant to the people it was originally given to.  There are many wonderful sources for proper Bible Study and understanding.  One of my favorite learning stations is God’s Learning Channel  One misses much by not understanding the Hebrews roots of their faith.

The following information will reveal the Truth about the terms  “Old Testament” and “New Testament came from:  This information comes form the Aramaic English New Testament   Copyright 2011 by Netzari Press LLC

Marcion coined the terms Old and New testament.  BUT:  It is written that YHWH  would bring a Renewed Covenant to His people and therefore the onus was on His people to extend the invitation of the Kingdom of Elohim to the rest of the world.  By replacing the word “Covenant” with “Testament” Marcion and other pagan theologians wrestled Jeremiah 31:31-34 away from the foundational teachings of Y’Shua  and the Shlichim  (Apostles).  Most Christians had no access to the Tanakh (Hebrews Scriptures) and would not know that the Brit Chadasha   means “Renewed Covenant” and that Mashiyach (Messiah) would come to write Torah upon the hearts of his followers.  By replacing the word covenant with testament Marcion theologically divided Jesus and his followers away from YHWH the Father and turned him into a self-sustained  deity that opposed the “Old Testament.”  Everyone who ever used the terms “Old and New Testament” can thank Marcion the heretic for implanting such contrary values against the Unified and Eternal Word of the Living Elohim.

Polcarp refereed to Marcion as “the firstborn of the devil.”  But Marcion’s  judenrein  (Jew-free) all-Gentile churches became very popular among early Gentile Christians, and one of the largest Christian denominations on Earth.  Marcion was inventor and/or the major contributor to sensationalism, supercessionism, and replacement theology  –  all of which are extremely popular among the vast majority of Christians today, preached in nearly every church.



  1. There is definately a lot to learn about this subject. I really like all the points you made.

  2. I am a messicanic believer and I am looking for source information to prove that marcion coined the terms old and new testaments but nobody seems to want to give the source, Do you know the source or can you point me in the right direction to find the source of this claim. I am starting to wounder if it is real or just an idea that has been repeated so many times by messianic websites that it has taken on a life of its own and doesn’t really have any actual verifiable historical documentation.

    • Check the Aramaic English Testament

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