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For many years I never gave this question a thought.  I would worship on Sunday, and never question why this day was picked.  Pastors and Leaders tell members of their churches this is proper, and most Christians do not study to seek after truth.  The following information will be enlightening and then you will have to decide what you will do with the truth.  It is far more important to be on Gods’ calendar than on mans:

Have you ever wondered why one of the Ten Commandments seems null and void – notably the one calling on believers to observe the Sabbath?
Ask your pastor or priest and you will probably hear it’s because Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday – which is not even a certainty if you read the Bible carefully.

And then there’s the little problem of this switch of worship days not being mentioned in the Bible – and the historical fact that most Christians continued observing the Sabbath for hundreds of years after Jesus rose from the dead.

So what happened? What caused the switch?

The WND Superstore has compiled treasure trove of literature and video documentaries that trace the history.

Some of what you will find is nothing short of shocking for Christians who take Sunday worship for granted. WORLD NET DAILY

Why do Christians worship on Sunday?
Learn the history of what happened to the Sabbath

Another extraordinary resource for study of the issue is a 5-part DVD documentary narrated by actor Hal Holbrook called “The Seventh Day: Revelations from the Lost Pages of History.” The made-for-TV miniseries traces the history of the Sabbath through the ages and around the world. The meticulously documented series features interviews with over 50 experts, classical art, animations, and dramatic re-enactments.Richard Rives offers a book and 5 part DVD teaching series called “Time Is the Ally of Deceit” that also focuses on the history of the lost Sabbath.In addition, his book “Too Long in the Sun” reveals the way pagan practices influenced church practices beginning in the second century.

    Part 1-Flee to the Mountains (53 min.): First century believers, based on the warning by Jesus, fled Jerusalem prior to its destruction in 70 A.D.
    Part 2-Baal Comes to Rome (70 min.): During the third century, Roman emperors brought the worship of Baal to Rome. This consolidated the worship of all the sun gods under the title “Sol Invictus.”
    Part 3-The Persian Sun God Mithra (58 min.): Historians report that during the 4th century the worship of the Persian sun god Mithra mysteriously vanished as Christianity was established as the religion of the empire. Was it Mithraism that vanished? Or was it true Christianity?
    Part 4-Constantine and the Nicaean Council (51 min.): While his coins state that he was committed to the sun god Sol Invictus, Constantine became known as “the First Christian Emperor.” Presiding over the Council of Nicaea, the date for the observance of Passover was changed from the biblically prescribed timing.
    Part 5-Remember the Sabbath Day (93 min.): Many theologians would tell us that Sunday has replaced the 7th day Sabbath: that in fact the law has been “nailed to the cross.” Jesus said that until heaven and earth pass away not even the slightest aspect of the law would change.

There’s a new book called “Sabbath” that focuses on the fact that Christians do not observe God-ordained Sabbath practices even on Sunday.

“The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath” by Mark Buchanan dwells on the spiritual necessity of a day of rest.

The subject is also dealt with in Joe Kovacs’“Shocked By the Bible,” one of the WND Superstore’s long-term best-selling books.

That’s quite a library on a largely misunderstood spiritual issue. It’s a great subject for an in-depth Bible study you probably won’t get in your adult Sunday school class or midweek service in a Sunday-worshipping church.

Click here to find out why millions of Christians still observe the Sabbath and would never forsake it.

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