Posted by: rshalomw | October 5, 2012


Most people in the World do not know that the Anti-Christ will be Islamic.  Messianic Jews and Christians will be amazed when thy see this.   Watch the following video and you will see why this lines up with the Book of Revelation:

The Coming is Upon Us – Translation: Reza Kahlili (Author of “A 28, 2011 – 28 min – Uploaded by ATimeToBetray
The edit and translation is by Reza Kahlili (Copyright: Reza Kahlili) – (The original Farsi version is over one 

Glenn Beck Interviews Reza Kahlili – YouTube 23, 2011 – 15 min – Uploaded by davidzdavid
The Iranian threat in the Middle East and the United States /editorial/why-you-should-be 

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