Posted by: rshalomw | September 25, 2012


Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri   on  9/11 gave a call to Muslims to “take advantage of the U.S.’s weakness to purge the Muslim lands of corrupt rulers.”    President Obama has made sure America is perceived of as being weak when it comes to the issue of Islam.

The Leader of Al-Qaeda is bragging about “American weakness” andPresident Obama is directly responsible for this because he has bowed to the god of Islam.  Read the following report:

September 13, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4949
A 35-minute video clip by the Al-Qaeda media company Al-Sahab, posted on the Internet on September 13,
2012, featured an audio address by Al-Zawahiri marking the anniversary of 9/11. In it, he called on the Arabs to
“take advantage of the U.S.’s weakness to purge the Muslim lands of corrupt rulers.” In a 2001 segment not
previously seen, Osama bin Laden states that a group of men had “set out to harm the interests of the Jews and
the Christians.”[1]
Also in the video, Al-Zawahiri presented newly released clips of two of the 9/11 hijackers reading their wills,
and emphasized, “We urge Muslims to capture citizens of countries that fight the Muslims”
The following are excerpts from the section of the video in which Al-Zawahiri presents the two 9/11 hijackers
and refers to hostage Warren Weinstein.
Sep 14, 2012  Al-Qaeda leader urges followers to ‘liberate’ every inch of Muslim land,  Al– Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Thursday released an audio to-exploit-american-weakness-to-purify-their-countries/

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