Posted by: rshalomw | September 22, 2012


  I point out to people, when it comes to food choices, that God is not Schizophrenic.  The sad part is that Christians listen to what their leaders say, and do not study the Scriptures for themselves. I challenge  you to read the following article and see what God really says about food choices.


Does God really care about what we eat?

Does God really care about what we eat? If not, then where in the scriptures does it say that God changed His mind from what He told His people back in the book of Genesis?! Are you thinking of Acts 10, Galatians 2, Mark 7 or maybe Colossians 2? This teaching leaves no stone unturned as every single scripture used by theologians and church-goers alike concerning the subject is thoroughly examined. You will be amazed and shocked when you see for yourself that for over 1800 years we have read into the scriptures things that just aren’t there.

You will truly be perplexed at the power of tradition and how the doctrine of “Jesus dying so we can eat anything” has survived for so long.

Watch the trailer below:


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