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There is a vast difference between the Historical Record between  Jesus and Mohammad .  It is a sad state that Islam cannot handle questions or scrutiny.  I took out the author’s name, for their own protection   You will find the following very thought-provoking:

“historians who wrote shortly after the days of Mohammed, don’t mention him. The oldest literary work about Mohammed by Muslims is by Ibn Hishamwho died in 833 A.D. That’s 201 years after Mohammed died in 632 A.D.

Imagine if the oldest literary work about George Washington, who died in 1799, were written by someone who died in the year 2000!

By contrast, first-century Greek, Roman and Jewish historians (i.e. Thallus, Tacitus, and Josephus) dutifully mention Jesus. The oldest literary work about Jesus by Christians is by the Apostle Paul who died in 67 A.D. That’s 34 years after Jesus died around 33 A.D.

We have writings about Jesus by people who lived at the time of Jesus. We have no writings about Mohammed by people who lived at the time of Mohammed.

Concerning the Qur’an, Muslim sources themselves say that Caliph Uthman, the third Caliph of the Muslim empire, finalized its text and then had burned all copies of different versions. It’s like a real-world and self-admitted Da Vinci Code-level conspiracy.

Imagine if the Emperor of Rome at the time of the Apostle Paul had compiled an official version of the Gospel and then burned all the others!

I won’t answer the question, “Why can’t Mohammad take an insult, and why can’t the Qur’an take a little ridicule?” If I did, I might need to go into hiding. But you can reach your own conclusions.”

Check out the following Video’s:


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