Posted by: rshalomw | September 17, 2012


Anyone who studies the Middle East will realize that much violence and mayhem occurs right after the prayers end .  This has occurred many times in the Middle East.  Imans pump up the Muslims with hatred, and vengeance. There is no forgiveness in Islam.

Most people in the World do not know that they were created in the Image of the One True God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  Every human being has two natures within themselves.  The one nature is the Spirit of the Living God, and the other is the spirit of the Beast.  The reason the Muslims act the way they do when they resort to vengeance and hatred is because they allow the spirit of the Beast to control them.  the Spirit of the Living God is the following:  Love,Joy,Peace,Patience, Kindness,  Goodness, ,Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.  The reason that Christians and Messianic Jews do not act in violence and vengeance is that they are controlled by the Holy Spirit.  Just imagine how different the World would be if everyone would let the Holy Spirit control their words, and actions.


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