Posted by: rshalomw | July 30, 2012


There is a massive amount of confusion when it comes to understanding Islam.  The fact is that there are devout Muslims and Muslims who are so in name only, thus a cultural thing.  Many people have fallen for the lie that Islam is a peaceful religion when they have not read the Quran,Haddith , and the Sunnah  ,which clearly shows the true face of Islam.  The fact is that in Islam Christians and Jews are to be hated and put to death if they do not submit to Islam.  The True God loves Christians and Jews.  The following article and video will show how demented the belief system of Islam is.  There are many sincere Muslims but the fact is that they are sincerely wrong:

A jihad fatwa you have to see to believe
All we can say is, watch the two minute video below, a MEMRI translation that was recently posted on Jihad Watch.











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