Posted by: rshalomw | July 3, 2012


Many Americans will be celebrating July 4th and yet have no clue as to what makes Americans truly free.  Freedom is not a license to do whatever you want to do, for this is what pagans practice, who have no boundaries to live their lives by.  The following article and Video will show what difference a True Leader can make in a Nation:

This president understood what it meant to be an American
Less than five minutes long, this video shows how President Reagan’s faith led a nation.

July 3, 2012

America needs a leader…A leader who understands that the only hope for our country lies in its recognition of God as the Supreme Ruler.

President Ronald Reagan was one such man. His faith gave us pride in our country and hope for our future. He publicly expounded his faith to all generations of Americans.

On this July 4, I encourage you to watch this short video tribute to President Reagan.

Hear him quote John 3:16 and other scripture as Commander-In-Chief. From the first minute of the video, President Reagan expounds on the importance of prayer.

In our nation’s history, America has faced many crises that have brought her to her knees in prayer. Only with God’s help can our country be delivered from the evil that now prevails across our land.

Will you join me in prayer for America? And, encourage others to pray?

Over the next few months, your AFA will focus on prayer for the upcoming election. Our prayer is for Godly leaders who will steer our nation back on a Biblical course.

To help us get our message out to as many as possible, we need your help. The financial cost to AFA will be high, but not nearly the price our country could pay on election day.

With your donation of $25 or more, we want to send you 30 “I Pray for America” lapel buttons. Say “I Pray for America” to your friends, your church, your school or your whole community by giving away these beautiful buttons. They are a great reminder that we should “Pray for America”.

Please make your donation today!

Even if you can’t help at this time, please enjoy the Tribute to Ronald Reagan video…and then pray for America!

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association


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