Posted by: rshalomw | June 16, 2012


Charles Spurgeon was known at the “People’s Preacher” and was a tremendous gift to the world.  There is an excellent answer that Spurgeon gave as to why people do not turn to Jesus. The following is his answer:

Come!…Whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.  Revelation 22:17.  Jesus says, “Take the free gift.”   He asks for no payment or preparation.  He doesn’t require any strong feelings or emotions, for as long as you are willing, you may come!  Do you lack faith and repentance?  Come to Him and He will give them to you.  Come just as you are and “take the free gift” without money or cost.  He gives Himself to those who are needy.

Public drinking fountains are wonderful things, open to everyone, so we can hardly imagine a thirsty person foolish enough to stand by one, reaching for his wallet on a hot summer day, and then saying, “I can’t drink from it because I don’t have any money.”   However poor a person may be, he may drink and may do so just as he is.  As thirsty people walk by, whether dressed in jeans or the finest cashmere, they do not seek anyone’s permission to drink, for the fact that the water fountain is there is permission enough to drink freely.  Whether the refreshing water has been put there through the generosity of the landlord or someone else makes no difference, it is  there, so ask no questions, and “take the free gift of the water.”  Perhaps the only people who will go thirsty when a public drinking fountain is nearby are the highest of society in all their finery.  They may be thirsty, but would never think to stoop so low and demean themselves by drinking from a common water fountain, so they walk on by with their parched lips. 

In the same way, how many people are rich in their own good works and therefore cannot come to Christ!  They say to themselves, “I will not be saved the same way a prostitute or degenerate is saved.  What! Go to heaven the same way as the lowest of society?  Isn’t there a way to get to glory except the way taken by a thief?  I will not be saved that way!”

Those with such pride and boasting due to their achievements, possessions, or abilities must continue without the “living water” (John 4:10).  But “whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.”




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