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The Veterans who sacrifice and have sacrificed for America are due honor this Memorial Day. America would not have any freedom if it was not for the Veterans.  The following article is from someone who came to America as an Immigrant who watched her  Christian country raped by Islam:

May 25, 2012
To Our Veterans, Reservists, and Those in Active Service this Memorial Day:
We Salute and Honor You!!!
by Brigitte Gabriel, President, ACT! for America

I treasure this day, where I have the opportunity to write a heartfelt message to my heroes, those who served and those still serving to protect our beloved America, the greatest nation on earth.
As an immigrant who crossed oceans to get here, I have an appreciation for the freedoms this country has to offer. It’s different from those who have never known or will never know how different life could be if it wasn’t for our great heroes who lay their lives on the line to defend those freedoms.
I wish to thank you, my heroes, for building a nation for me where I can come and live free and be all I can be as a citizen. I know my freedom is built upon your shoulders and your sacrifice.
I wish to acknowledge and thank you for all the sacrifices you have made over the years so we can celebrate this special weekend in peace in our homes, enjoying our barbecues. I thank you for all the holidays you missed serving abroad or here in America to protect our nation. I thank you for all the special occasions you missed with your family and loved ones so we can enjoy ours.
You are not only my heroes, you are the heroes of millions of Americans who share my gratitude and recognize and appreciate your sacrifice. You are the heroes of millions and millions of people around the world who are thankful for you for liberating them from the shackles of tyranny. They may never have the chance to express their gratitude to you. On their behalf I thank you one and all.
A special thank-you is in order to your families, to the parents who raised you and made you be the man or woman you are today. I thank your wives, husbands, and your loved ones who stand by you and support you with their love and dedication.

And for those who returned in eternal sleep, may their legacy be honored for generations to come. May the tears shed over their coffins fertilize the fields of patriotism in our nation to raise a new generation built on strength and honor, able and willing to follow in their footsteps when duty calls to defend America. May their blood not have been shed in vain. May we prove worthy of their sacrifice.

On this day we not only honor your memory but we recognize the lasting pain in the hearts of your loved ones.
On this day I renew my vow to you, that I am building an organization with ACT! for America that will always honor you, praise you, lift you up and recognize your sacrifice; that will teach a new generation of Americans just how precious your contribution has been to their freedom and the great America they were born into.
On behalf of ACT! for America and its staff, I salute you one and all. May God bless you and bless America, land of the free and home of the brave, and the dream that became my address.

Brigitte Gabriel


ACT for America
P.O. Box 12765
Pensacola, FL 32591






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