Posted by: rshalomw | May 21, 2012


Black pastors and the NAACP who support Obama on his stance on Homosexuality are a stench to the One True God.  It is appalling that a Black Pastor would not staunchly come against Obama’s Homosexual Campaign.  The following article will show you that there are truly Black Christians who are not blinded by Race, and therefore come against what Obama stands for:

Black church coalition denounces NAACP and Obama support for gay marriage

Associated Press – 5/21/2012 11:25:00 AMBookmark and Share

Associated Press logo new 3WASHINGTON – The president of a Washington-based group that calls itself the National Black Church Initiative says he believes both the NAACP and President Barack Obama will lose support among black churches for siding with same-sex "marriage."

The Rev. Anthony Evans says churches with which he is affiliated will put their faith ahead of support for black leaders "every single time."

The NAACP passed a resolution Saturday endorsing homosexual marriage as a civil right and opposing efforts to — in its words — "codify discrimination or hatred into the law." (See AP video report)

Blacks and same-sex marriage

(Commentary by Star Parker)


How much support from black church-goers will

President Obama lose for endorsing gay marriage? VOTE







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