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The “Pastors Come Out” Campaign is beautiful wisdom that I pray will spread like a wildfire throughout America.  The following article will show you the truth , and Jesus said that “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free: - A Division of American Family News Network

RainbowDr. Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington, is an outspoken opponent of homosexual “marriage.” But the pastor has announced that he’s the gayest man he knows.

Hutcherson, a former NFL linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys, says Christians have given up many things, and one of them is the term “gay” — a word that used to describe merriment, happiness or joy is now used to identify people as homosexuals. So he plans on reclaiming the word and promoting it as what believers ought to be.

“The Christian community I think is the true gay community because we are forgiven; we have our sins wiped away,” he contends. “We’re going to spend eternity with God. We should be extremely gay and happy and overjoyed with who we are, and that sets us free to have the ability to love others and to lead them to that same gay, happy lifestyle.”

Ken HutchersonAnother thing the homosexual movement has stolen away from Christianity is the rainbow, which the pastor points out is actually a reminder of God’s promise regarding the destruction of the world.

“He did say he’s going to destroy the earth, but it won’t be by rain and water (Genesis 9:12-13),” Hutcherson notes, “and then he gave us the rainbow to prove it. And the homosexual community has taken over that. If someone mentions the rainbow today, it doesn’t go back to the Word of God; it goes back to the homosexual community.”

So the pastor has launched the national “Pastors Come Out” campaign to take back the rainbow and the word “gay” by refusing to surrender either to the homosexual community any longer.



  1. Men of God, Pastors should stand on God ‘s word and say no to homosexuality since this is abomination. Rev. Martin . Pastor and overseer of the VICTORY OF GRACE CENTER MINISTRIES- KENYA.

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