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The ACLU has a history of attacking Christianity and Christian Free Speech.  The following article will show how they want to infringe, once again:

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


The ACLU is targeting yet another school system and demonstrating that our public schools are among the primary battlefields for anti-religious bigotry.       
Please see my very important message below – Mat.

The ACLU is committed to marginalizing America’s religious heritage by attempting to remove any expression of religion from the public square. They routinely attempt to bully public school administrations into rolling over for their radical agenda.

Our recent Giles County, Virginia, case is typical of their pattern of litigation.

As I shared earlier this week, the ACLU of Virginia sued the Giles County School Board to force them to remove a privately-sponsored historical display that includes the Ten Commandments as one of 29 framed documents, all of which played a role in developing our system of law and government.  

The original display also contains the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, and others – bringing the total number of framed documents to 29.

The ACLU has made it their mission to remove the Ten Commandments from the public high school in the small Appalachian town of Narrows, Virginia. They contend that the Ten Commandments stick out like a “sore thumb” among the framed documents depicting American law and government at Narrows High School.

Liberty Counsel is defending the Giles County School Board.  

++Edit the Ten Commandments down to Six?

I knew when I walked into the Roanoke, VA, courtroom on Monday to face off against the ACLU that it was going to be a very challenging day.

During the three hour hearing, the Judge suggested that one way to resolve the ACLU’s case against the inclusion of the Ten Commandments in the public high school’s historical display would be to remove the first four Commandments (the ones that most directly reference God) – leaving only the last six. No ruling will occur on the case until after a mandatory mediation conference.

++“Revisionist history” on a rampage.  

Whether the ACLU wants to recognize historical facts or not, the Ten Commandments played a significant role in the development of Western culture and the creation of our system of American law and government.

The Declaration of Independence mentions our “Creator,” and the Magna Carta and the Mayflower Compact both prominently mention “God” and His role in the minds of the men who built our nation’s foundation.

In fact, the vast majority of the founding documents refer to God’s role in inspiring our nation’s laws. One would have to re-write history to post foundational documents void of any mention of God. Even the approved Virginia history curriculum mentions the Ten Commandments and the role of Judeo-Christian thought in the development of American law and government.

Now, on an almost weekly basis, Liberty Counsel is called upon to aggressively defend the rights of students, teachers, administrators, and school systems as anti-religious organizations subvert our Constitution!

++Our “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools” belongs in every school in America.

To be proactive in countering this disturbing trend, my Liberty Counsel team developed the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools.”

This invaluable handbook is a resourceful guide based on decades of experience defending the rights of educators, students, administrators, and community members from the attacks of radical activists who want to squash freedom of religious expression in any public setting, including schools.

It is imperative that the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools” be in the hands of anyone who is concerned about the direction our public schools are taking!

My goal is to get this Handbook into every one of America’s 100,000 public schools.  

Through our earlier initiatives, we are well on our way to accomplishing this monumental task with a little over 40,000 schools already sponsored.

But we need your help to make this vital mission continue to happen.

We can deliver this valuable resource to 10,000 more public schools in New York, Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, and Rhode Island in the next few weeks for a cost of $1.50 per school.

Can you sponsor 20 schools – or even 100 schools?  

Click here to help us reach 10,000 more schools before the start of the 2012-2013 school year with the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools.”

++The crisis is escalating!  

Today, millions of students are being told they must leave their faith outside the schoolhouse doors. They are walking into overt socialist indoctrination.  Many will be summarily stripped of their civil rights, experience bullying and blatant ridicule, and suffer the censorship of their deeply-held religious convictions.  

Right now, this war is being fought all the way down to the elementary level as pro-homosexual activism and anti-religion sentiment rapidly infiltrates our public schools.

For the sake of our children, grandchildren, and the very survival of the nation we love, we need to take proactive steps to stop this unconstitutional public school bullying!

++We must stand against attacks on public school students, teachers, administrators, and school systems!  

Our case defending the Giles County Public Schools is just one of many we have undertaken, and there will doubtless be many more in the future.   

This type of assault on First Amendment rights is becoming epidemic in America.  Such vicious attacks are creating an unprecedented number of cases for Liberty Counsel as we defend persecuted educators and others free of charge.  

As I’ve said before, the reality is that we are facing powerful adversaries on the battlefield for liberty.  It is necessary that I ask for your help to continue fielding the best possible defense (and offense!) to counter these attacks.

Please consider how many schools you will sponsor to receive the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools.”  

We pray that one day this handbook will have a place in every backpack, every book bag, and every brief case that enters the dangerous environment so many of our public schools have become!  

By clicking here, you will learn more about sponsoring the delivery of this handbook to one or more of our public schools – or how to obtain copies for yourself, your church, or civic organization:
God Bless You,

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. The ACLU is once again bullying a public school system – and once again we are in defense of the school system’s right to display this privately sponsored display historical documents which include the Ten Commandments among one of 29 framed documents on law and government.  

Please click here to sponsor 20 or more schools to receive the “Patriot’s Handbook of Religious Freedom in Public Schools.” Your help will put us half way toward meeting our goals before summer begins!

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