Posted by: rshalomw | May 5, 2012


The Truth will set you free, as Jesus said.  Many people cannot handle the Truth or want to defend their belief’s instead.  You will not know  freedom until you allow the Truth to change you.

A Catholic Priest must do the following to make sure he is going to heaven:  1. He must smash the altar in his church, because Jesus was sacrificed once, for all time.  2. He must get rid of the confessional boxes, because we are to confess our sins to one another, not to a priest.  3. He must renounce Catholic Tradition, Because it is an enemy of the Bible.  4.  He must renounce the Vatican and the Pope, because they are the enemies of the Cross. 5. He must tell his people that the Eucharist is an enemy of the Bible, and the it is idolatry to bow down to the Eucharist.  6.  He must confess that changing the Sabbath to Sunday was blasphemy to the One True God. 7.  He is to tell his people that they are to surrender all to Jesus , and not to a man and the Catholic church.  8. He is to tell his people that the Catholic church is not a True Church.    9.  He must confess to his people that all of the above points were born out of a rejection of the Jewish Roots of the Faith and the veiling of the Jewish Messiah.  







  1. I will pray for you, brother, that you will discover that God is a God of love, and does not spew hate.

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