Posted by: rshalomw | March 14, 2012


The common people in America often hit the root of problems , unlike the “wise” and mighty.  There are many Campaign Posters strewn across America, but this one hits the root:





  1. Nice try- but you know you are lying.

    When George W Bush took office in Jan 2001- gas prices were $1.52. By may of 2004 we cracked the $2 mark. By july of 2006 we had cracked the $3.00 mark. By july of 2008 towards the end of Bushs reign we were at a whopping $4.14 – almost a tripling of gas prices in 8 years. And where are we at today? $3.80. In fact- in 39 months under Obama we have only seen gas prices above $3 for 16 of those months- for well over half of his presidency gas prices were well under $3.

    The fact is gas prices under george W Bush set record highs- both for total price and for rates of increase. Other then the energy crisis in the 70’s the nation had never seen such prices.

    But of course you chose a price from immediately after Bushs defeat- when the world sighed in relief and gas prices made their first substantial drop under Bush. Not because of Bush. But because he was going away.

    • I forwarded the note, I didn’t write it. Please tell me you do not support Obama, for he is a child of the devil, and the devil’s work he does. Obama has the spirit of the Anti-Christ. It is not the Republicans that are your problem, it is the devil who wants to destroy you

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