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Christian’s who do not support Israel and the Jewish people are ignorant of the Bible and the Jesus who they say is their Lord.  Replacement Theology was birthed by Satan.  The upcoming Conference in Bethlehem needs to be strongly denounced by the Christian’s of the World.  The following article will educate you to this upcoming evil gathering:

• The Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in Bethlehem, March 5-9

Like a muddied spring or a polluted well is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked.” (Pr 25:26)
March 5-9, Bethlehem Bible College, is inviting Evangelical leaders and Christians around the world to come to Bethlehem in order to support “a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Sang-Bok David Kim, President of the World Evangelical Alliance, Lynne Hybels, Co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church and Tony Campolo are among the many guest speakers. It boasts of being the largest Christian Conference in the Middle East.
One of the primary goals of the conference called Christ at the Check Point (CATC) is to make an all out attack on Christian Zionism,” calling it “an exclusive theology of the land that marginalizes and disenfranchises the indigenous people.”2 One of the blog posts on CATC’s web site states that “Christian Zionism as it currently stands is sinful and produces sin.”3
Christian Zionism is referring to Christians, who support the state of Israel believing that God has promised to give the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob their land. CATC is promoting a theology that God’s promises to Israel are null and void. It is necessary for all of those who are followers of Yeshua and who believe in the Bible to speak out and sound the alarm about this conference.
Not only is CATC promoting Replacement Theology, which is robbing the Jewish people of their identity, their promises and their destiny. They go even one step further by promoting the shameful hoax that the Jewish people today are not even Jews. The Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote about the first CATC in 2010,
“Evangelicals who came with an open-minded commitment to hear both sides heard Mitri Raheb, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem deny the connection between modern Jews and those of the Bible.
“’I’m sure if we were to do a DNA test between David… and Jesus… and Mitri, born just across the street from where Jesus was born, I’m sure the DNA will show that there is a trace. While, if you put King David, Jesus and Netanyahu, you will get nothing, because Netanyahu comes from an East European tribe who converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages…. I always loved to say that most probably one of my grand, grand, grand, grandmas used to babysit for Jesus.’ No one stormed out in protest.”4
They also wrote, “One of the architects was Anglican vicar Stephen Sizer, who denies that he is an anti-Semite but hangs out with Holocaust revisionists and whose trip to Tehran included a defense of Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial.”5
Calling on Christians to Immediately Support a
Palestinian State
On their web site, CATC urges Evangelical Christians to support a Palestinian unilateral bid for statehood without peace with Israel.6 Rev Alex Awad states that, “Those who pray for ‘the peace of Jerusalem’ need, at the same time, to support the immediate creation of a Palestinian state.” In Luke 21:24, Yeshua calls Jerusalem an occupied city when it is in the hands of Gentiles. CATC is doing the exact opposite.
Awad says in his appeal that Christians in the world tarnish their testimony when they are passive about the injustices in Palestine and continues “Some Christians hesitate supporting the Palestinian bid for statehood for fear that it may result in creating a militant Islamic state. Fortunately, the current move for statehood is driven by the most secular, progressive and non-violent branch of the PLO.”7
The following happened when this “secular, progressive and non-violent branch of the PLO” recently celebrated their 47th anniversary. The moderator of the event introduced the PA Mufti by screaming in the microphone: "Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e., Jews) is a war of religion and faith. Long Live Fatah! [I invite you,] our honorable Sheikh." The PA Mufti Muhammad Hussein then took the podium and quoted a Hadith (traditions attributed to Muhammad), calling for all Muslims to unite in order to kill all Jews. 8
PA leaders applauded small children as they sang, “Oh, my pure land, I shall saturate you with my blood.” Another rally in celebration of the same anniversary stated, “Our children are our honor and glory,
they were created to be fertilizer for the land of Palestine,
and for our pure land to be saturated with their blood.”9 This then is what Pastor Awad wants Christians around the world to get behind in order to not “tarnish their testimony in the world.”
Awad states in another sermon, “If Jesus were to be born in Bethlehem today, he would have difficulty crossing from Bethlehem to Jerusalem.”10 The truth is that as a faithful Jew, Jesus would not even survive very long today in Bethlehem, as Palestinian terrorism makes life for any Jew in any PA controlled area not only dangerous, but outlawed.
The Jewish sages aptly comment about King Saul who spared Agag, but later tried to kill David, “He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” On CATC’s web site, Israel’s so called injustices are highlighted and placed in focus, whereas Islam’s injustices and cruelties are ignored or even accepted under the disguise of Christian love. We have not found one word of criticism of Islam. Not even a hint! Rather, one of the speakers at CATC 2010, was praised by the organizers for his reconciliatory approach towards Islam, free from confrontation and “islamophobia,” the common term used today for anyone today who dares to criticize Islam.
Reconciliation or Hatred?
Yeshua warned that the deception in the last days would be so great that if possible even the elect will be led astray. Reading the preface to the book that will be published this spring from the lectures of the first CATC in Bethlehem in 2010, it seems like this conference is the best thing that has ever happened in human history. The preface says,
“This book is a work of Godly Love. The study of Godly Love is an emerging interdisciplinary field devoted to examining benevolent action in the world.”11
What beautiful words! Let’s, however, take a little closer look behind the nice façade.
Israel Today has pointed out that one of the speakers at CATC is British Christian writer Ben White, who recently published the book Palestinians in Israel: Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy. Extremist Israeli-Arab Knesset Member Haneen Zoabi, who has personal connections with Hamas and other terrorist groups and who participated on board Mavi Marmara in the Gaza flotilla where Israeli soldiers were lynched by terrorists, has written the foreword to the book!
Israel Today continues,
“What is curious to us is why the Bethlehem Bible College would invite someone like White, who expresses such scorn for Israel that he is embraced by Israel’s most vocal antagonists, to a "Christian Conference of Hope and Reconciliation"? It raises the question: Is CATC really about reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, or is it about further delegitimizing Israel?”12
Learning From History
A report from the first CATC stated, “The conference speakers …examined the dangers of using the Bible to justify ethnic hatred towards others, whether in demonizing Islam or minimizing the effect of the Holocaust.”13
This is a very strange statement. Islam is a religion not an ethnic group. While it is wrong to hate people, it certainly is not wrong to hate a false religion that sends people to eternal damnation. If so, this conference definitely should not call itself Evangelical. We are called to hate sin and love the sinner. CATC does not seem to be able to separate between the two.
The speakers also “examined the dangers of …minimizing the effect of the Holocaust.” This is a very ambiguous statement. The traditional view in the Muslim world is that Israel is a disaster that happened because of the Holocaust in Europe. The Holocaust definitely played a role, but the Jewish people have prayed and longed for a return to their ancient homeland for two thousand five hundred years, mentioning it in their prayers more than twenty times every day!
History often repeats itself. While it is easy to condemn something that happened 70 years ago in another part of the world, it is not always so easy to discern what is happening in your own day. The famous pastor Oswald J. Smith of the People’s Church in Toronto, said after he came back from a visit to Germany in 1936, "Every true Christian in Germany is for Hitler. I know, for it was from the Christians that I got my information, and right or wrong they endorse Hitler."14
How could the Christians in Germany be so blind that they supported possibly the most evil person that has every lived? Is it possible that the same thing is happening again today? The Palestinian Christians behind CATC is supporting the successors to Hitler, like Yasser Arafat and his associates, in their national aspirations.

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Husseini with Hitler

Arafat’s predecessor, mentor and close relative, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, was one of Hitler’s closest advisers during the Holocaust.  He lived in luxury in Berlin during the war fully paid by the Nazis and encouraged Hitler as much as he could to do more to murder the Jews at a faster rate. It is the national Nazi-Islamic agenda engineered by Husseini and Arafat that CATC is supporting. We need to pray for Arab Christians that will act like Dietrich Bonheoffer, who dared to stand up and confront Nazism in his day.
Tony Campolo, who is one of the main speakers, wrote after the first CATC, “What troubles [the Palestinian Christians] most is that their fellow Evangelicals in America have very little understanding of the way the entire Islamic world views what is happening in the Holy Land.” The most important factor in the conflict, according to Campolo, is how the Islamic world views what is happening Israel. What betrayal of the Gospel!
The Arab believers in Israel truly need all the support they can get. But they don’t need help in the form of shameful replacement theology, which has caused the Jewish people endless sufferings in Christian lands for two millennia and only plays right into the hands of Islam. Now, a so called Evangelical Conference in Bethlehem is resurrecting this monster from the Dark Ages that strips the Jewish people of their identity and destiny. It is a disgrace and a shame on the Name of our Savior.
The Arab Palestinian followers of the promised Messiah of Israel, need the apostolic gospel Paul preached, that as believers in Yeshua we are joint heirs with Israel to the promises of God. They need our full support in prayer and action to stand strong against Islamic ideology, persecution and intimidation. Paul wrote to the believers in Rome,“Rejoice, O Gentiles, with his people.” (Rom 15:10)
In Acts 13, Paul confronted a sorcerer and false prophet named Bar-Jesus (Aramaic for “son of Jesus” or “follower of Jesus”), “’You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord? Now the hand of the Lord is against you. You are going to be blind, and for a time you will be unable to see the light of the sun.’ Immediately mist and darkness came over him, and he groped about, seeking someone to lead him by the hand. When the proconsul saw what had happened, he believed, for he was amazed at the teaching about the Lord.” (Acts 13:10-12)
Those at CATC who claim to be followers of Jesus, but “pervert the right ways of the Lord” need to be confronted! We urge you to spread the information in this Prayer Alert about CATC to warn as many as possible!



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