Posted by: rshalomw | January 25, 2012


The real STATE of The American Union is that it is sinking Spiritually ,Morally,and Ethically.  America as a whole has turned their backs on the One True God and this is the real reason the American Economy is in critical danger.

When have you heard an American Political Leader say that what this Nation needs to do is Repent, because the Kingdom of God is at hand?  When have you heard an American Political Leader say that the people of America  need to fast and pray for this Country?

America was founded as a Nation dedicated to the One True God.  Today America has become a Nation of many gods.  To whom much has been given, much will be required.  America has been given much by God and has shown little in return.

Listen to why America is suffering Economically

The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America’s Future

The Stone Of Judgement that was placed on Ground Zero by American leaders and the ancient drama they re-enacted.The ancient mystery that affected your savings, your bank account, your financial future, and the American and global economyThe Sign Of The Sycamore and the prophetic revelation it contains concerning Wall Street and the future of America as a superpower

The Mystery Of The Erez Tree that was lowered at the corner of Ground Zero in fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy

The Day a Vice-Presidential Candidate Uttered the ancient proclamation of judgment… on America

The Mystery Hidden At the Ground of America’s Founding & the prophetic message it contains for this hour

How The Two Greatest Collapses In Financial History each took place on the exact same day and hour, on the precise year and day ordained from ancient times

The Prophecy That Was Proclaimed To The World Spoken From Capitol Hill the day after 9/11 – and then came to fulfillment

And What is Yet To Come . . .

You can’t afford not to know it

Read More…

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